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Going 3D with Marian


As a 3M preferred converter, Marian creates the highest-quality products to be used internally for things like batteries, and other important technology. Since the products they make aren’t easily describable (or accessible when being used in a product) they knew they needed a high-quality video to show off just how incredible their solutions are.

Enter Digital Brew. After viewing a handful of our 3D videos, like Benelli, Marian knew we’d be the perfect studio to partner with to created their highly-detailed 3D explainer video.

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Impressions on 3M's Platform



We produced one of our best 3D videos yet, featuring the entire breakdown of an EV battery for a car, and (of course) showing off the durable 3M materials Marian uses. Because Marian makes so much more than just car batteries, the illustrators and animators on the Digital Brew crew made sure that we showed the breakdown of each part of the battery, highlighting Marian’s wide variety of parts they can make for individual components.


The results Marian saw were so impressive, they knew they wanted to create another video with our team.

Not only did the video receive a positive reaction within the Marian workforce, but also with other 3M converters. In fact, the video saw upwards of 10k views on 3Ms internal “social” platform.

In addition to sharing on 3M’s platform, they used the video at their booth for a virtual battery trade show they participated in last year.

And while Marian is still awaiting ROI on the specific amount of sales they’ve received since releasing the video in November of 2020, they have still seen 2 times the amount of impressions on social media than they typically receive with a static image post.

No matter how complex the solutions you offer are, the Digital Brew Crew will take the time and care to fully understand what it is you do or create, in order to accurately represent it in your animated video.

So, ready to create an explainer video of your own?

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Let’s Brew This!

Doing a video of this sort, we were always so intimidated by it because we didn’t know how much work was going to go into it. We knew we were going to have to be really involved with writing the script, and explaining what everything that needed to be shown was, but I was very very impressed with how quickly the Digital Brew team was able to digest and understand, and how easy the process was.

Lynn Zeheralis