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PublicRelay Case Study


PublicRelay uses both AI and human professionals to help companies monitor their earned media, making sure they never miss important insights or data.

After researching a few video production companies, PublicRelay knew Digital Brew was the right fit for them based on the results of a few of our Case Studies.

PublicRelay wanted results, and they knew we could provide them.

Like most other companies that create explainer videos, PublicRelay wanted a tool that quickly and simply explained who they are and why they exist in a interesting and digestible way. They needed something that lived on their homepage and that they could send in an email that could relay information to their site visitors as interestingly as possible. Hence, they decided to invest in a video!


PublicRelay has a lot of competition in their industry, but none of them none of them offer solutions like theirs. This video was created with that in mind; to explain what exactly makes them different and why it’s important.

When they first approached us, PublicRelay was interested in a few of our past videos, but one that really stood out to them was our Kissmetrics video. In their final video, look closely and you’ll be able to see some elements (such as the dynamic shapes that fly across the screen) that were inspired by the Kissmetrics video.

The video is simple, featuring 2D graphics and a variety of hands hard at work. However, it still grabs the viewer’s attention just enough so they can easily absorb the information.


PublicRelay is currently going through a website redesign, and they want their Digital Brew video to be at the center of the redesign. Soon, their shiny new video will be the centerpiece of their internet presence, and they couldn’t be happier.

The entire PublicRelay team loved the end result. In fact, they loved it so much, they’re already planning on creating another video with us for a new feature they’re rolling out later this year.

Since they haven’t fully released their video to the public, we’re still waiting on some of their ROI, so check back here in a few months to see how their video drives results!

At Digital Brew, we created simple, exciting videos that perfectly tell your brand story. If you’re ready to create a custom video for your business, we’d love to chat!

You can schedule a call with us here.

Let’s Brew This!

Most of my team had never created a video before, but Digital Brew made sure everything was smooth and simple. Not only was the design work done by your team, but you helped coach us through how people think about these types of projects, and the process of storyboarding, working with a voice actor, and more. It was very smooth and we got a lot of support and help along the way. It was an easy process and resulted in a great video.

Marshall Richards