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The Best Marketing Videos of Holidays 2015x

December 15, 2015

The Best Marketing Videos of Holidays 2015x
They make you laugh, awaken your inner child, pull on your heartstrings, and they make you buy.  These are the best marketing videos of the holiday season– festive felines, stormtroopers and all.

Apple: Someday At Christmas – Stevie Wonder + Andra Day

In recent years, Apple’s Christmas ads have become notorious for pulling at our heartstrings. This year it was no different. How do they get it right every time? They’ve mastered the art of cleverly promoting their products while capturing the holiday spirit flawlessly. Though, not quite a tearjerker, this year’s ad still makes us feel all warm inside and ready for the holidays. The spot stars the legend, Stevie Wonder, and soul & blues singer, Andra Day, performing Stevie’s holiday classic, “Someday At Christmas” and, in the most subtle way, showcases less known features such as VoiceOver and GarageBand and products like the Apple Watch. Bravo, Apple!

Temptations: Say Sorry for the Holidays

Cats in ridiculous holiday outfits and some classic Elton John – we’re sold! Temptations’ new commercial is aimed at overly-festive cat owners and asks them to #SaySorry for the holidays with their Temptations Cat Treats. It’s hard not to like this one, whether you’re a guilty cat owner or like to poke fun at them. Temptations’ holiday ad works– it’s festive, humorous, and relatable – and it shows they understand their consumers. Do you owe your cat an apology?

Duracell Star Wars Commercial: Battle for Christmas Morning

We can’t talk about this holiday season’s ads without mentioning Star Wars – it’s everywhere! Duracell jumped on the Star Wars bandwagon, along with major brands like HP, PlayStation, and Kraft, to name a few. And, damn, do they make batteries look cool. Duracell is no stranger to making battery ads go viral. This time, they showed us the kind of awesomeness that takes place when you use Duracell and a bit of imagination to enter the world of Star Wars. Duracell truly committed themselves to creating an authentic Star Wars experience. They’ve got the amazing visual and audio effects, and Imperial Walkers and Stormtroopers cameos to prove it. The action-filled spot was shot on an “all-new anamorphic camera lens and aspect ratio”, which, according to P&G, “was only used previously on the new [Star Wars: The Force Awakens] film“. This is the most badass video ad campaign on our list. Take a peek and see it for yourself.
So there ya have it, kids. Got your own list of favorites? Hit us up on Twitter @DigitalBrew_co!