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Building Trust with Your B2B Clients

June 21, 2022

Building Trust with Your B2B Clients

One of the most important things in any relationship is building trust. This is especially true for B2B relationships. Your client needs to be able to trust that you’ll fulfill the expectations set and vice versa. With over ten years in the biz, our clients know they can trust the work Digital Brew puts out.

Customer Service is Key

We all remember the Golden Rule: Treat others how you want to be treated. Make sure you’re interacting the same way with your clients as you would hope others would interact with you. Nobody likes to work with jerks so make sure to stay friendly and open. B2B relationships are typically long-term ones, so you want to start off on the right foot and connect with each other.

This relationship goes both ways and even though it’s B2B, it’s ultimately a relationship between people. Part of building trust comes from getting to know each other and connecting with each other.

Communication, Communication, Communication

Communication is a major part of every relationship. Whether you’re working in logistics and ordering supplies or you’re working with business owners to make awesome videos (sound familiar?), both of you have a common goal, your own distinct deadlines, and expectations to meet to keep everything running smoothly. It’s a partnership and a team. 

Building trust is about creating an open dialog about those deadlines, goals, and milestones. And if you’re going to promise a certain deadline, make good on that promise. One way to make sure you stick to that, is to not  over promise. We’ve all worked with people that will promise you anything and everything but when push comes to shove, things fall through the cracks. So be sure to also keep expectations reasonable and fulfilled.


In any collaborative effort, there’s bound to be a little conflict. Guess what, that’s okay! It’s even the perfect opportunity to start building trust with your client. to But always make sure you’re tactful with how you go about it. Your client is an expert in their field just like you’re an expert in yours. You’re working together for a reason, so if you do need to push back on something, respectfully explain why something might not work or be doable. And with open communication (there’s that word again) you two can meet somewhere in the middle to find a solution.

And be proactive! If you hit a snag, be upfront with your clients. It’s okay to tell them something might be wrong. Just make sure you have a solution in place on how to make things right. Plus, the sooner you cop to the mistake, the sooner (and usually easier) it is to fix. Don’t let a molehill turn into a mountain because you were too proud or afraid to admit you messed up.

Building Trust with Us!

When we’re working on video concepts, we’re upfront that it’s a work in progress and it might not be perfect on the first try. This is a collaborative effort and we want to make the best video possible for our clients. So if you want to see what we can do for you, reach out to us here.

Let’s Brew This!