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Who Else Can Use Animated Explainers Videos

April 14, 2015

Who Else Can Use Animated Explainers Videos
Are you wondering if an animated explainer is the right medium for your marketing efforts, have no fear! To answer the question at hand, let’s start by looking at who currently uses them, how they use them, and what exactly an explainer video is. Once we establish the criteria, we’ll dive into other industries who can see a huge impact from using animated explainer videos.

Who Uses Animated Explainers

Technically, any business can use animated explainers. To put things into context a little further, let’s look at Digital Brew’s clients and what industries they are in. Digital Brew has made explainer videos for companies in the software, sports and hospitality industries. These industries are a great fit for this type of content and definitely, have unique opportunities to use explainer videos, but there are additional sectors who could largely benefit from animated explainers just as these industries have done. The software industry typically uses explainers as the main component of their website (see PlusThis below for an example). When a new user arrives on the company’s landing page, they can easily watch the explainer to get an overall understanding of what that company’s software provides to the end user. This is especially useful for software companies because companies in this industry have an intangible product. It sits in the cloud. Explainers are a great way to tell the story of a product. This makes the user more comfortable and confident when making their buying decision.

What is an Animated Explainer

Animated explainers first gained momentum back in 2007 and are now a common thread in many companies’ marketing mix. An animated explainer is a short video, around 1 to 2 minutes, explaining what a company does. Animated explainer videos can also focus on a specific product, service or value and explain that one specific detail in depth. Now there are a ton of statistics on why explainers work so well, proving that they are a valuable asset to a company. Now let’s take a look at other industries who can heavily benefit from incorporating animated explainers into their marketing mix.

Who Else Can Use Animated Explainers

Medical More specifically, animated explainers would work well for medical sales, surgical and when dealing with children. Explainer videos would be a powerful tool in explaining the science behind your product or prescription, detailing a surgical process or a family whose child is dealing with a specific illness. Financial As we know, there are many different facets of the financial industry such as insurance, banking, investments, wealth management and much, much more. If you’re in the financial industry, I’m sure you can easily see how many opportunities there are here in using animated explainers. They can be used in detailing ROI, conversions, or policies and practices. Explainers help put things into perspective, focus on the bigger picture and can easily lighten tense situations. Space & Aviation Industries Ok, I had to put these industries in here because I find them beyond cool. I know I’m not the only person who has a hard time conceptualizing everything companies in these sectors do, right? You mean to tell me we’re going to land a spacecraft on an asteroid and test its surface to see what types of resources it holds? Yes, they do that. How they do that is what we don’t know. Queue animated explainer. This is just one example that barely touches the surface (pun intended) of how aviation and space industries could use animated explainers. Digital Brew scientist doing a thumbs up To recap, every company needs to explain what they do, how they do it and share their story. From the medical industry to space exploration, across the board, there are opportunities to take advantage of the power storytelling with an animated explainer. Ready to get brewin’ on your animated explainer? The Brewmasters are ready to help your company, regardless of the industry, become more successful. Shoot us an email or give us a ring at 407-641-0152.