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What Everybody Ought to Know About Animated Explainers in the Tech Industry

Written by Jonathan Berkey

Jonathan Berkey is a dear friend to Digital Brew, a professional mover and shaker specializing in design, video, animation, and creative problem solving. He is living in Boston, MA where he is a Creative Director at a tech company and a Business Development/Creative Producing Partner with Digital Brew. Connect with Jonathan @BerkShop

So you’re a tech company, you do techy things with hardware, software, or the ever so mystifying Cloud. Maybe you are a SaaS (Software as a Service) company, maybe you build high-tech devices, or perhaps a robot that does robot things. Whatever it is you do, you need to communicate it to your audience, be it prospective or current customers and clients.

The thing is, often times what you’re offering can be difficult to understand. Traditionally you might offer White Papers, Data Sheets, and webinars to help explain your product or service. These are great resources to give a more in-depth review and analysis when it comes to purchasing decisions. However, they often take a certain level of understanding that not all people may have. Especially those who are just having their first interaction with your company.

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This creates a great opportunity for short format content such as the animated explainer video. Animated explainer videos are a perfect way to show abstract and sometimes hard to understand ideas in a quick, engaging and easy to digest way. You can then embed the video in your marketing content, website and share throughout your social media channels.

Animated videos can also help play a role in vetting or onboarding potential customers, rather than spend valuable time on exploration calls or demos with people that may not require that level of attention, you can simply forward them a link to the explainer and progress from there. This can be a very successful asset to help build a solid sales funnel and reach wide audiences.

Now more than ever audiences expect to see videos, ranging from training, demos, recruitment, thought leadership pieces and explainer videos. In the end, it is all about communicating what it is you offer and the value it provides to customers. The animated explainer video is a key component of an overall strategy to help you do just that.

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