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Finding Your Target Audience

December 12, 2023

Finding Your Target Audience

We’ve talked a lot in this blog about how great video can be for your ROI or how helpful video marketing is for connecting with your audience. But something we’ve never really broken down is who your videos should or could be directed toward. Who’s your target audience or how do you find your target audience? It’s easy to just think, “Well, everyone is my target audience. We want everyone to use our service.” But unless you’re an Amazon and have a business that caters to millions of different people from all walks of life across the entire world, everyone probably isn’t going to use your service. So this week, we’re going to help you narrow down exactly who your target audience is and how to hit a bullseye every time.

Who’s Your Target Market?

So let’s start off by looking at your target in the broadest sense. That’s going to be your target market. Often, this is broken down in pretty general categories like age, location, gender, or ethnicity. So let’s say you have a home lawn care service. Your target market is going to be made of people that own homes. So let’s say adults, 30+ , that live in suburban areas. In the most broad outlooks that will be your target market.

Your target market is a great starting point to understand who your products and services are most relevant to. It’s the foundation for your business plan. But since your target market is so broad, it can be difficult to create marketing content for. Now, having a piece of video marketing that gives the basics of your business could still be distributed to your target market.

Back to our lawn care example, you could easily have a video that says, “Hey, we’re Amazing Lawn Care, and we take care of all your lawn needs throughout the entire state of FL! Check us out!” Now, your video would be something a little more detailed than that, but you get the idea. That’s the kind of video you could post on your website or attract viewers from a high level with just people in Florida looking for lawn care. But if you really want to understand your markets and have more targeted marketing, it’s really worth honing in on your target audience.

How Do You Find Your Target Audience?

So now that you understand your target market, we can answer the question, “How do you find your target audience?” This is where you’ll take your target market, and drill down into more specific subcategories that you can tailor your marketing toward. Additionally, you may not immediately know who your target audience is. As your business grows and you see the analytics of your sales, you may find you have target audiences that you didn’t anticipate.

Let’s look again at our Amazing Lawn Care company example. Maybe you’ve chosen to focus on older homes that are probably in need of some TLC for their lawns. So now you could say your target audience are adults, 30+ , that live in suburban areas with homes that have been around for more than 30 years in older areas of Florida. So now you can create additional marketing content around making customer’s lawns look brand new and restoring their grass. But maybe as your business continues, you start to notice you’re getting a lot of customers in newer areas. As they’re buying homes, they’re taking advantage of your pest services and helping their new yards flourish. Great! Now you’ve found another target audience to focus marketing content toward.

You can go even further by looking at places like your social media pages. Who’s engaging the most with your content on Facebook or Instagram? Well, for starters both types of users are fairly different demographics. But within each, maybe you’re reaching a more DIY crowd on Instagram. So for that target audience, you could appeal to them by showing cool landscaping projects you’ve done. Or you could offer tips for easy ways they could spruce up their lawns. To answer the question, “How do you find your target audience,” it’s all about looking in the data for meaningful signposts. Additionally, you can also look at the data and see there’s a target audience you aren’t reaching but want to. This also gives you the guidance to push marketing content toward certain demographics.

Brewing Your Targets

So now you hopefully have a better understanding of your target market vs your target audience. As you identify both, you’ll open yourself up to a wide array of marketing avenues that you can explore. And depending on your business, you can make more general marketing content for the widest net possible or you can hyperfocus on those more specific audiences. No matter who your target is though, video is a great way to beef up your marketing efforts and there’s plenty that Digital Brew can do to help. So if you’re ready to explore video marketing or even want help narrowing down your target audience, you can always reach out to us here.

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