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Using Marketing to Connect

September 12, 2023

Using Marketing to Connect

In today’s plugged-in world, we’re simultaneously more connected and less connected than ever. With the push of a few buttons we can immediately connect to any person or business we want. Sometimes, that causes us to lose sight of the importance of connecting with customers on a human level. That’s why you need marketing that connects.

We’ve all talked to an automated system or chatbot before and desperately trying to speak to a real person. Building your business and your customer base is all about making connections. Did you know that companies who prioritize connections grow 5x more than companies who aren’t? Videos can be a great way to start those connections.

Making Your Customers Care

We’ve talked in the past about how important it is to help your customers why they should care about your product or service. A video is a great way to connect with your customers. You can use it to tell them a story around your offerings, but in a way that doesn’t feel like you’re just being sold something. You’re able to connect with them on a more personal level. This product is great, yes, but look how much more happy or relieved they’ll be once they use it.

Your Video is Jumping Off Point

Something you’ll want to keep in mind about your new video is that it’s only a jumping off point. It’s your conversation starter. Just like the automated systems and chatbots we mentioned earlier, it’s not a real replacement for humans. Stuffing nothing but facts in your video will become boring or even overwhelming for your audience. So give them a story they can relate to. Your video is great for giving potential customers a taste of what you can do for them. It’s great at showing them how relaxed they could be with your service. Your video is there to get the job started. You’re the one that needs to finish it.

Closing with Personal Connections

Now that you’ve gotten your customer’s attention, you have to complete that connection with the personal touch. Put a face to the name, so to speak. This part is pretty self explanatory and it’s probably what you’re best at. You don’t need us telling you how to be personable with your customers and close deals. The real purpose here is to reiterate the fact that your video isn’t going to be a replacement for you. Your amazing video is going to help get new customers interested and your foot in the door. But at the end of the day, no matter how amazing your video is, you’ll want to keep a personal touch.

Brewing Marketing that Connects

But here’s the thing we do specialize in: making those amazing videos for you. Creating marketing that connects with your customers and helps you make more money. So if you’re ready to head down that journey of creating a video, or even just want to talk marketing shop, you can always reach out to us here.

Let’s Brew This!