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Storytelling for Marketing

July 5, 2022

Storytelling for Marketing

What exactly is storytelling for marketing? Well, picture this: You’re reading through marketing blogs trying to figure out the best way to step up your marketing campaigns. You’ve got a great product or brand that not enough people know about and you’re trying to figure out how to capture their attention through video. This is where the power for storytelling for marketing comes in.

Welcome to the Power of Storytelling for Marketing!

In the digital retail space, customers have everything right at their fingertips. All their options and reviews are just a few clicks away. Recommendations from their friends are only a text away. It’s not enough to just have a great product. And honestly, only listing a bunch of facts about your product can be kind of boring. You need to help potential customers understand why they should care about you over the competition.

Helping Your Customers Care

The best way to do that is through storytelling. Injecting story into your product or service gives something for customers to latch onto and be invested in. Then they can see themselves in the problem and relate. Make the customer the center; you don’t need to be the focus, but the solution in the story.

It’s not dissimilar to how we teach children. They might not respond to a basic math problem, but if you tell them a story about having a plate of cookies and dropping some, they’re able to relate and wrap their heads around the problem.

Stand For Something

As a brand telling a story, you’re also able to be more authentic and connect with your customer’s values. Taking them on a journey (even if that’s a 30 second video) helps them see you as more than just a company hawking a product. You can convey the idea that your brand stands for things like quality, family, or social rights.

Do you remember the 1984 Apple commercial for the Macintosh? It was only 60 seconds but it said so much. It told you that this brand was here to wake us up and disrupt the system. And it did it in a way that still makes people refer to it almost 40 years later.

Let Us Tell Your Story

Part of what Digital Brew does during a creative brief with our clients is to nail down the challenges and problems they might be facing in their professional space. Once that’s been boiled down to a few key points, we’ll craft a story around the problem and how the company or product solves the problem (a little like we did at the start of this post but with more finesse).

So if you’re looking for some help crafting your next story, reach out to us here.

Let’s Brew This!