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How Do Training Videos Help My Business?

April 23, 2020

How Do Training Videos Help My Business?

From product walkthroughs to best practices, training videos are an essential part to running a successful business. Now more than ever, companies are relying on training videos to help instruct their employees and customers. But what makes a training video successful, and how will they in turn help businesses? 

Benefits of a Training Video

Let’s face it, when training or even explaining a product or service, you probably repeat the same spiel over and over again. Well, not anymore when you invest in a quality training video. Besides saving your breath, here are a few other things training videos are good for:

  • Keeping things clear and concise. Have you ever felt like you tend to ramble on when talking about the services or products your company provides, or when trying to explain something complicated. Yeah, we all do. But the great thing about training videos is they’re scripted, and in most cases they stay between 60 seconds and 2 minutes. This forces you to get to the most important points, keeping your training video clear and concise for your viewers.
  • Engaging your audience. Ok, everyone should know this by now, but videos are just more engaging than any other type of media, and in most cases it holds the viewers attention better than a live video or meeting. Plus, if your company voice allows for it, you can always make videos fun and creative (with animation of course)!
  • Staying remote. Sure, staying remote is a very current thing in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, but training videos are also great for businesses that have many branches, remote offices, or where all the employees work from home. It’s a great way to keep everyone on the same page even if they aren’t in the same place.
  • Saving time. Not only will you save time by not having to repeat yourself all the time, but you’ll also save time by not having to answer questions. One of the best parts about having a training video on hand is when your employees or customers have questions or are uncertain about something you touched on, they can go back and rewatch that section of the video. It’s a win-win!

Animation or Live Action?

You may be wondering what would be better for a training video; live action or animation. Good news is, you can’t go wrong with either! We’ve done both live action and animated training videos, however given our current circumstances, we’d say animation is the best way to go. Take a look at these training videos we made for OnePak in both styles: 

Time to Get Training!

There you have it, just a few of our top reasons a training video can help your business, especially during this crisis. The next step? Partnering with an animation studio (preferably one with 17 emmys and counting) that can make it happen. Want to learn more about how training videos can help your business flourish? Or just want to chat? Set up a time to talk with us here!

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