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We created this page to share with you our video production company awards, so you can see our work and check us out for your next project. Drop your name and email below to schedule a call. Let’s Brew This!

Digital Brew is not only committed to excellence, but forming connections through visual storytelling.

Our talented group of directors, videographers, animators, graphic artists and script writers go above and beyond to ensure our clients love their videos. Our goal and purpose is to make sure their videos translate their brand message, value proposition, product or service to their audience. Whether a client is trying to gain awareness, drive traffic or conversions we are here to help them attain desired results.

When we say ‘real results’ we mean that we’ve won 17 Emmy® Awards in the past five years for our videos in the following categories: Documentaries, Commercials, Director, Photographer and Graphic Arts.

See some of our award-winners below.

Prairie State Gaming

2018: This funny animated commercial won an Emmy® for an Illinois gaming terminal operator. Digital Brew founder, Michal Cardwell, won the Director category. He states that humor helped him win this Emmy, everyone loves a good laugh.

American Heart Association

2018: Our video for the AHA aided in raising $400K by telling the story of the Fussel Family who adopted a young girl with a severe heart-defect. This was a heartfelt Emmy®.


2017: We collaborated with a smartphone application company to promote their app for the buying, selling, and financing for a car. We won a Graphic Arts Emmy® for our digital effects (of a car turning into money) that conveyed the apps goals for their customers.


2017: We won an Emmy® for our explainer video for Kissmetrics, a behavior analytics software. This Emmy® was won for our Graphic Arts animation, thanks to Beau Benson, our animation director for his diligent work for this award.

The Warrior

2016: Our video with M3 Makeup Artists won us three Emmy’s®. Our friend and founder of M3 told her story about being diagnosed with Leukemia in this inspirational video.

Bonnier Motorcycle Group

2016: We worked together with an edgy website for motorcycle enthusiasts. We created an eye-catching video advertisement for Bonnier that revved sales and won an Emmy®.

Roger West

2016: We partnered with Roger West for their fun animated explainer video about explainer videos (that’s a tongue twister). This short video won two Emmys® in the Director and Commercial categories.


2016: We made an explainer video for the online school, Vergence, capitalizing the concept of school for the future. This A+ educational video won us two Emmys® in the Commercial and Directing category.

DraftKings Baseball

2015: We provided DraftKings with an explainer video about what they provide for sports enthusiasts. We had four Emmy® nominations in collaboration with DraftKings and scored in the Director Category, that’s a homerun.

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