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Explainer Videos: Your Secret Weapon to Drive Engagement

April 22, 2024

Explainer Videos: Your Secret Weapon to Drive Engagement

Explainer videos can rev up your marketing strategy when done right. These bite-sized pieces of content are great for brands looking to simplify their products or services, boost engagement, and increase conversions. Plus, an explainer video pays dividends over time, serving as a tool you can use across digital channels to engage your customers.

What Are Explainer Videos?

Explainer videos communicate what a product, service, or company does. Rather than simply showing what a product looks like or its list of features, explainer videos focus more on explaining how a particular offering solves a specific need, provides value, or otherwise might benefit the viewer. They can include animation, live-action footage, or a combination of both.

Elements of an explainer video include:

  • Animation: Explainer videos utilize motion graphics, 2D animation, 3D animation, typography, illustrations, and/or footage to visually bring concepts and ideas to life. Animation styles establish an engaging tone.
  • Narrative: A script and voiceover tell a simplified story explaining essential details of the offerings. Explainer videos inform viewers through good storytelling.
  • Musical Score: Background music sets the mood and transitions viewers between key messages and scenes. Music elicits the desired emotions in audiences.
  • Length: Most explainer videos distill information into 60-90 seconds maximum. Short runtimes accommodate modern viewers’ attention spans.
  • Branding: Logos, fonts, color schemes, characters, and other visual elements establish brand recognition. Videos should align with existing brand guidelines.

When executed well across these core elements, explainer videos can inform audiences about formerly ambiguous or complex topics in an easy-to-understand, enjoyable way.

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Benefits of Explainer Videos

Well-produced animations serve as secret weapons helping to:

  • Drive Engagement: Explainer videos use movement, characters, music, and cinematic elements to capture viewer attention versus boring users with dense text or static slides.
  • Explain Complex Topics: Brainstorming visual metaphors and analogies allows complex subject matter to come across in an easily understandable way. Videos act as educational tools.
  • Boost Conversions: Including an explainer video on a homepage can lift conversion rates. Animated explainer videos help prospects understand unique selling propositions.
  • Build Brand Awareness: Custom illustration styles, characters, and motion design combined with brand guidelines allow for reinforcing your company’s identity, values, and mission.
  • Cultivate Leads: Calls-to-actions invite viewers to download collateral, request demos, or sign up for newsletters. This helps turn passive observers into direct inbound leads.

Types of Explainer Videos

When investing in animated marketing videos, selecting the appropriate visual style directly impacts effectiveness. Explainer video production requires deciding between core options, including 2D motion graphics, 3D animation, and live-action filming.

2D Motion Graphics Videos

This style uses vector shapes, typography, icons, and other flat graphic assets brought into motion using animation techniques.

  • Simplifies abstract ideas not tied to physical products.
  • Allows for dynamic movements and transitions.
  • Aligns closely with brand identity and style.

2D Video Example

3D Animated Videos

This type of animation renders objects, environments, and characters into three-dimensional on-screen worlds full of immersive detail.

  • Showcases physical products up close.
  • Allows spinning and manipulating objects.
  • Well-suited for medical, machinery, etc.

3D Video Example

Live Action Explainer Videos

As the name implies, live-action films are real people and scenarios using cameras before combining with graphic elements.

  • Feels authentic in capturing real-world situations.
  • Allows featuring company team members.
  • Establishes personal connections with audiences.

Live Action Video Example

When selecting an animation style, align it to the story and audiences you want to reach. Need some slick motion graphics to simplify things? Realistic 3D to showcase products? Maybe add in real people, too! Choose styles that fit your brand vibe and make sense for your goals. The right visual mix engages viewers by clearly delivering the message in a way that resonates.

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Which Style is Right for Me?

To choose the right video style, consider factors like target audience, key messaging, and brand identity. As an Emmy award-winning video production company, Digital Brew guides clients through style selection through our years of experience creating explainer videos across industries.

Our expertise spans services like live-action filming, 3D modeling for realistic product depictions, 2D motion graphics, and beyond. These facilitate customization aligned with goals. Still, choosing between stylized or realistic animation merits discussion.

It’s important to have an initial preference, as this jumpstarts directional talks, but nothing is set in stone. We shepherd clients through each creative mile marker while clarifying needs for personalized visual storytelling. Identifying the right look enhances viewer connections to the video to help you start driving results.

The Explainer Video Production Process

Digital Brew deeply involves clients in each phase of our video creation process. Creating an effective explainer video that captivates audiences requires careful collaboration across four key phases:

  1. Initial Creative Brief Call: We have a discovery call where we nail down exactly what story you want to tell, gathering relevant details about your company, offerings, goals, and vision for the explainer video.
  2. Script Drafting and Feedback: Our writers craft a custom explainer video script based on details from the briefing call. We’ll collaborate with back and forth to finalize the perfect messaging, tone, and flow.
  3. Style Frame Creation: We design a few sample frames showing tailored colors, character proportions, and backgrounds matched to your unique brand style for feedback. This gives a peek at the custom illustration approach.
  4. Full Storyboard Review and Approval: Visualizing all video scenes in a storyboard allows clients to validate the imagery and script prior to full animation.

In post-production, we add layers like an impactful musical score, sound effects, smooth scene transitions, closed captions, and more to bring the visual content and animated elements fully to life in an engaging video ready for distribution.

This creative exchange ensures no surprises in the final video—rather, an exceptional, conversion-focused explainer uniquely animated to accomplish your goals.

Read more about our explainer video process here.

Adding Explainer Videos to Your Marketing

At Digital Brew, we don’t just deliver an exceptional explainer video and call it a day. Our goal is driving real marketing outcomes, so we ensure you have the right supplementary resources to maximize video ROI:

  • Access to Educational Video Series: We break down best practices around landing page optimization, email sequencing, scheduling software, and other topics integral to video conversion.
  • Social Media Accelerator Kit: This includes edited/optimized social cutdowns of your video plus complementary static posts across networks.
  • 1-on-1 Strategy Sessions: Work directly with our marketing team over two 60-minute sessions to shape a full campaign around your new video.
  • Accessibility Add-ons: We provide SRT files for adding closed captions and subtitles in different languages.

This supplementary content comes included as standard in our affordable video production costs. We also produce The Drip, a free educational vlog exploring the intersection of video marketing best practices so you can continually sharpen conversion-focused skills.

Why Use a Video Production Company?

Investing in a video production company unlocks unmatched expertise compared to DIY videos. Our professionals offer insider knowledge and strategic direction to ensure animated content accomplishes intended goals.

Our specialists provide:

  • Expertise with Animation Styles: We bring professionally honed skills across 2D, 3D, and live action to best capture viewer attention.
  • Creative Storytelling Experience: Our decades of producing thousands of videos allow developing compelling narratives that speak to target audiences.
  • Handle Process Smoothly: We manage everything from script approvals to voiceovers and revisions so you can focus on your business minus video creation headaches.

In short, experienced studios like us save money over trial-and-error video creation attempts. By strategically handling the heavy lifting, we empower confident visual storytelling.

Freshly Brewed Explainer Videos with Digital Brew

Digital Brew is an animated explainer video studio specializing in crafting custom 2D, 3D, and live-action explainer videos. With over ten years of experience creating high-converting explainer videos and accolades like being in the Full Sail Hall of Fame, we have a small but talented in-house team of animators, artists, and writers specially equipped to produce award-winning work.

We consider ourselves a marketing agency first when it comes to video production. While we love creating beautiful and engaging animated content, our priority is always achieving client business goals above all else. We drive results by not just checking boxes for visual appeal and entertainment through motion graphics, 2D, 3D, or live footage—if the videos don’t provide ROI, we don’t consider them real wins.

Here’s proof of Digital Brew client satisfaction:

  • 93% said our videos better explain products/services.
  • 83% saw increased website traffic after video launches.
  • 75% experienced a positive sales lift from video content.
  • 86.7% confirmed videos provided a strong return on investment.

Still, polished graphics alone don’t cut it. As a marketing agency first and foremost, we understand videos only provide true value aligned with client business objectives. Our signature creative brief process uncovers viewer needs and motivates engagement. Video conversion kits then ensure content continues driving action beyond one-off views. Other key differentiators include a 100% on-time delivery record over thousands of projects and 21 Emmy Awards demonstrating world-class quality.

Ready to explore how performance-driven explainer videos can accelerate growth? Let’s discuss needs over coffee–contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an explainer video?

An explainer video is a short, animated video (typically 60-90 seconds long) that explains the key details about a product, service, company, or idea in a simple and engaging way.

When should I use an explainer video?

You can use an explainer video on your website, in social media posts, in paid ads, in email marketing, at trade shows and presentations, and anywhere you need to communicate complex information or key differentiators about your offering quickly.

What animation styles work best for explainer videos?

Common explainer video animation styles include 2D motion graphics, hand-drawn illustrations, typography animations, stop motion, 3D animation, and live action. The style should align with your brand identity and topic complexity.