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The Drip Ep 1: Understanding the Flywheel

April 7, 2023

The Drip Ep 1: Understanding the Flywheel

Do you remember a few weeks ago when we talked about the reasons you should start a vlog? And do you remember at the end of that blog post how we teased we might be working on something? That’s because we were! For a few months now we’ve been working behind the scenes to bring you The Drip – an ongoing vlog series about marketing, and how to be good at it.

Why Start a Vlog?

We’ve talked ad nauseam on here about how powerful videos can be! So we thought it was finally time to start a vlog series of our own. The premise is that twice a month, we’ll bring you helpful marketing tips and tricks that you can put to use in your own campaigns. And since we practice what we preach around here, we’re taking longer, complex blog posts from the past (and future) and condensing them into bite-sized videos.

Episode 1 – Understanding the Flywheel

Until Next Time!

We hope you enjoyed the first episode of The Drip! If you want to read more about the flywheel, you can check out our original blog here! If you want to talk about more tips and tricks or how to boost your marketing strategy with the power of video you can always reach out to us here.


Ally: Okay. Which tie?

Nathan : I don’t think the tie is really the issue here.
We’re not talking about the Joker and Batman, Ally, so.

A: I’m just trying to look my best for the first episode of our new marketing show.

N: Iksnay on the acketjay.

A: Fine.

N: Way better.

A: All right. Hello, everyone. I’m Ally Nichols, Marketing Director at Digital Brew.

N: And I’m Nathan Nazario, VP of Business Development here at Digital Brew.

A: And this is the first of many Vlogs to come in this series about marketing and how to be good at it, which we have so lovingly named The Drip.

N: That’s right. We’ve helped our clients not only with their video marketing, but with their entire digital strategy. And we’re really excited to share some of those tips with all of you.

A: Yep. So, Nathan, most marketers are familiar with the sales funnel, right?

N: Of course.

A: But what about the flywheel? That’s a newer concept in the marketing world and it seems to be replacing the whole sales funnel strategy. Could you explain that more?

N: Yes. So, the Flywheel is a new way to look at your customers journey from the top down. So, rather than just focusing on the sale or the conversion, it emphasizes the customer experience. Of course, sales are still the ultimate goal, right? But what really changes is how you achieve them.

A: Gotcha, so you’re just making the customer the center instead of the result.

N: That’s correct. You’re using the positive experience to keep the wheel spinning. Now, think about this in terms of recommendations. Who do you trust more a commercial or your friends?

A: Oh, my friends, of course.

N: Well, me, too. And so, with the flywheel, you’re using those positive experiences to transform customers into promoters.

A: I see. So instead of just enticing people to become a customer, it sounds like what you really want to be doing is investing long term and putting more resources into your customer service.

N: Yep, and that’s what keeps the wheel spinning, Ally.

A: Sounds like it’s the new way to go.
N: You know, a lot of companies are actually transitioning to this model, but it’s not something that should be done lightly. It really requires some planning.

A: Okay, so it’s not just a switch.

N: No, and it’s not an instant results move, either. You really need to allow for some time for the flywheel to take effect.

A: That makes sense. Well, thank you for giving us a quick breakdown of it.
N: Yeah, my pleasure. Look forward to doing more of these with you.

A: And we hope you’ve enjoyed this, too. If you want to check out more about this topic and a lot of others, you can go to our blog at, and we’ll see you next time on The Drip.