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The Drip Ep 3: Evergreen Marketing

July 18, 2023

The Drip Ep 3: Evergreen Marketing

It’s the third Wednesday of the month, so you know what that means! It’s time for a brand new episode of The Drip, our monthly vlog series exploring the tricky intersection of Marketing and Video, and how to be good at both. This week, we’re talking about something that’s always relevant, evergreen marketing!

Episode 3 – Evergreen Marketing

The great thing about evergreen marketing is that it’s essentially timeless. So not only is it content that you can use for years to come, but is a crucial part of marketing your business, creating repeat customers, and boosting SEO.

Until Next Month!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s episode of The Drip. Check back next month for another brand new episode. Don’t forget, we release these on the third Wednesday of each month! If you want to check out the original Evergreen Marketing blog we based this episode on, you can read that here. If you ever want to discuss video for marketing or even more ways to stretch your marketing budget, you can always reach out to us here!

Let’s Brew This!



Ally: Hey, Nate. Are you ready to talk about something that’s always relevant?

Nathan: Isn’t that always what we talk about?

A: Sure, but we’re going to talk about creating marketing content that’s always relevant.
N: Ah, so you’re talking about evergreen marketing. Sort of like your hair.

A: Bingo. Hello again, Ally here with another installment of The Drip. With me, as always, is VP of biz dev (business development), Nathan Nazario.

N: Hey, Ally.
A: Hey. Let’s dive into that ever fresh, evergreen marketing.

N: So, evergreen marketing that’s videos, articles, infographics, or any other type of content that provides value to your audience no matter when they get their hands on it.

A: That’s right. Exactly like this video.

N: Correct. So, whether you’re watching this in five days or five years, this video will still be relevant.
A: And you’ll still want to create content for exciting updates for your business. But it’s great to have videos that cover the basics.

N: Now, unless you make a drastic shift, the core of your business will probably remain about the same.

A: Aside from the fact that it can feel like a waste of resources to produce content that will only be applicable for a few months, evergreen marketing is crucial for building up your SEO.

N: And the longer your site or piece of content exists on the web, the stronger the SEO it will have. So a high quality blog from two years ago will actually have a greater SEO effect on your website.

A: Right. And better SEO means better search engine results, which means more leads for you.

N: Exactly. And we love leads.

A: We do. And videos are a fantastic way to present your evergreen content because they too, are meant to last for years to come.

N: Which is why we’re here today talking about it with you. Because when you use a video that isn’t dated and content that has no expiration, you truly have a piece of marketing content that is priceless.

A: That’s right. And that’s everything for this Evergreen Episode about Evergreen marketing. Thanks so much for tuning into The Drip, and we’ll see you next time.