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The Drip Ep 2: How to Reuse Your Assets!

June 21, 2023

The Drip Ep 2: How to Reuse Your Assets!

Finally after a long wait, we’re excited to bring back episode 2 of The Drip, our monthly vlog series exploring the tricky intersection of Marketing and Video, and how to be good at both. This week, we’re talking about reusing your assets.

Episode 2 – Reusing Your Assets

So, why exactly is reusing your assets so crucial? Well not only does it help you get the most out of your explainer video, but it also helps you present cohesive branding to your audience. To go a little more in-depth with this topic, play the video below!

See You Next Month!

We hope you’ve enjoyed this month’s episode of The Drip. Stay tuned for the next episode, as we’ll start releasing these on the third Wednesday of each month! If you want to check out the original blog we based this episode on, you can read that here. If you ever want to discuss video for marketing or even more ways to stretch your marketing budget, you can always reach out to us here!

Let’s Brew This!



Ally: Which tie?

Nathan: Didn’t you run this bit last time?

A: Sure did. But we’re reusing our assets. Hello again. Ally here with another installment of The Drip. With me is VP of biz dev (business development), Nathan Nazario.
N: Hey, Ally. Happy to be back.

A: All right, let’s get straight into it. It’s no secret we’re kind of in a recession right now, right?

N: Well, some may not think so, but you know, inverted yield curves, interest rates, it’s crazy. So while we may not technically be the R-word right now, we can all agree that these are challenging economic times.

A: Now this isn’t going to be a video about financial advice, certainly not from me. But we do have some tips for marketers about some great strategies to use during a recession.

N: Exactly. Really, the best way to operate during a climate like this is to really make the most out of your marketing budget. And one way we encourage our clients to do that is by reusing their assets.

A: Can you expand on that a little more?

N: I’d be happy to. So when creating new visual content, whether that’s your blog or your website, social, etc, use assets that you have used before. So for example, we use the assets in our brand video throughout our marketing and our website.

A: That’s right. Many of our characters, scenes, and even shapes that you see in the images we make for blogs and social media are actually taken directly from the storyboards of our brand video, which not only saves us money because we aren’t having one of our designers create new custom assets, but it also saves me a ton of time for the same reason.

N: Which I’m sure you love.

A: Am I that obvious?

N: Yes, you are.

A: Well, a lot of our clients will do this as well, right?
N: That’s true. So when we make a custom animated video for a client, we’ll also deliver a separate file with the custom artwork that we created for them. So they can take those assets, they can leverage them across their digital marketing, their website, their sales collateral, and it’s going to look the same as their videos. So it’ll feel like they have a really coherent campaign.

A: Cohesive branding with hardly any work on my part? Say no more.
N: Well, I’ll say just a little. If our viewers want to learn more tips on how to make the most of their marketing budget, they can check out our blog, or they can stay tuned for our next vlog, where we’ll be talking a little bit more about this topic.
A: That’s right. Thank you so much for tuning in to this episode of The Drip, and we’ll see you next time!