Digital Brew is an animated explainer video company, but there’s more to us than that.

Here at Digital Brew, we’re passionate about forming genuine connections through brand storytelling. Inspired by your ideas and goals, we hand craft animated explainer videos, commercials, documentaries and just about any type of video your company needs.

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I came to Digital Brew to create a video to beat all videos ever produced at or for Cisco Systems, Inc. and this team delivered on time; within budget; working through multiple changes up to the very last minute and even after our first showing. It is the best video I have ever worked on with a production team, and I have been doing this for over 30 years.


Head of Portfolio Marketing at Cisco

“[Michael] has a lot of great insights. He gives a lot of great examples for people to react to. I think that he gets the overall message and he makes sure that he doesn't leave the room without a complete understanding of what it is he's trying to do, even if those concepts are foreign or highly detailed and medical in nature.”


Head of Consumer Experience Design at AdventHealth


17 time Emmy Award Winner


8 time telly Award Winner


2 time Davey Award Winner

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