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Explainer videos that spark action

Tired of using outdated explainer videos that don’t convert? Or maybe you don’t know how to approach the complicated world of video marketing. Don’t worry, at Digital Brew, we’re experts with all things explainer video and we do all the heavy lifting for you.

Our Favorite Explainer Videos

Who We Are

Digital Brew is an animated explainer video studio specializing in 2D, 3D, and live action videos. Our CEO and Founder, Michael Cardwell has over 10 years of experience creating explainer videos that don’t just look cool, but make your business money. Did we mention he’s also in the Full Sail Hall of Fame?

We’re made up of a small but powerful (and in-house) group of talented animators, artists, and writers, so we’re specially equipped to create a custom explainer video that ticks all your boxes.

What We Do

We’re a marketing agency first and an explainer video company second. What does that mean? Sure, we love making beautiful and engaging explainer videos, but our number one priority is achieving your business goals. It doesn’t matter how many awards it wins, if your explainer video doesn’t drive conversions, we don’t consider it a win.

Technically speaking, we create Emmy award-winning explainer videos in whatever style suits your company best including motion graphics, 2D animation, 3D animation, and live action. We can also provide infographics and visual assets as well as the best tips and tricks to help your video marketing efforts.

I came to Digital Brew with a minuscule 3 weeks to create a video to beat all videos ever produced at or for Cisco Systems, Inc. and this team delivered on time; within budget; working through multiple changes up to the very last minute and even after our first showing. It is the best video I have ever worked on with a production team, and I have been doing this for over 30 years.”

Tammy Snook Quezada

Tammy Snook Quezada

Head of Portfolio Marketing at Cisco

Emmy Award Winner

Telly Award Winner

Addy Award Winner

Our Explainer Video Services

2D Explainer Videos

From scripting to storyboarding and everything in between, a Digital Brew explainer video is hand-crafted, with each frame reflecting your unique vision and message. Weʼre different from other video agencies because not only are we video experts, weʼre marketers as well. So first and foremost, we want to make sure your video achieves your business goals, and, of course, we make sure it looks incredible, like nothing else out there on the internet.

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3D Explainer Videos

Need an in-depth explainer video about a product? A 3D explainer video is the way to go. From 3D modeling to custom texturing and lighting, we can feature your products in ways that would not be possible through 2D or live-action videos. Specifically companies in industries like manufacturing and healthcare benefit from 3D explainer videos.

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3d animated explainer videos

Live Action

There are a lot of things you can do with a live-action explainer video. Testimonials, “Who We Are”, and Business Anniversary videos are just a few of the most popular live-action videos we make for our clients. And just like our other services, we do all the heavy lifting for you. So if the words pre-production, post-production, coloring, and ADR don’t mean anything to you; don’t worry, we’re all over it.

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The Benefits Of Explainer Videos


Breakdown of Your Services:

Whether your services are complicated and niche or you just struggle to put into words what you do, explainer videos make it simple. The Digital Brew team takes your services and puts them into bite-sized pieces of content for your audience to understand. This simple and effective breakdown is an invaluable tool when it comes to distinguishing your brand and connecting with your customers.

Increased Consumer Engagement:

An explainer video production company like Digital Brew helps you enhance engagement. By creating compelling and visually appealing content, we help you capture (and retain) your customers’ attention. Through expert storytelling, animation, and sound design, we craft videos that resonate with your audience, driving higher interaction rates and fostering a deeper connection with your brand.

A Rise In Conversions:

The data from our clients can’t be denied:

  • 93% said that video marketing helped their customers better understand their products/services.
  • 83% said video marketing helped increase website traffic.
  • 75% said video marketing helped increase their sales.

Partnering with Digital Brew and investing in video marketing can directly impact conversions and sales, setting you apart from industry competition and moving you toward your goals.

Increased Brand Awareness:

Through strategic storytelling and targeted messaging, explainer videos help ensure your brand’s identity and values resonate deeply with your target audience. Not only is this good for staying competitive, but it helps foster lasting impressions, ensuring your brand and services remain top-of-mind for consumers.

Craft Your Story with Company Explainer Videos

The Digital Brew Process


Before you invest in our services, it helps to understand what a partnership with Digital Brew would look like. Here’s a look at our process for creating explainer videos:

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Creative Brief

First, we draft a creative brief. This involves gathering all the information we need from you to write your video script. From understanding your products and services to establishing the right tone for your video, this collaborative step ensures we have what we need to capture your voice.

Mood Board and Style Frames

Next, we’ll send along a collection of images with different art styles, and you pick the ones you list best for your video. This is a crucial step as it ensures our illustrators have the input they need to make the video uniquely yours.

Then, we create style frames for your video. These frames show what your custom art will look like and how it’ll be used in your explainer video. Throughout this process, we’ll work with you to implement changes and feedback you have.


Once the script is finished, we can work on the voiceover. Details like how you want your video to sound will be covered in the creative brief. If you have specific requirements (like a narrator accent preference) based on your business, we’ll make sure we deliver what you need.

Once we find the right voiceover fit, we’ll schedule a recording session with you and the artist (as well as our team). During the recording, you’ll be able to help the voiceover artist in real-time. We’ll go through the script until we have it exactly as you like!

Storyboard and Animation

Next, we’ll show you what your explainer video will look like by storyboarding your video from beginning to end. This gives you a complete idea of the final product and allows you to give any more feedback. Remember – we want your explainer video to be unique and customized to your brand!

The last step is the animation process. By this point, you’ll have a clear idea of your explainer video (though you can still make minor changes at this stage). Our expert animators will work hard to execute your vision and deliver a final product that serves as an invaluable marketing tool in your toolkit.


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Frequently Asked Questions

An animated explainer video company specializes in creating short, engaging animations designed to explain your products, services, or concepts in a clear and concise manner. Companies like Digital Brew combine storytelling, animation, and sound design to craft videos that enhance understanding and retention for your viewers, making complicated subjects easily digestible. Businesses often use these videos for marketing, educational purposes, or to improve user engagement on digital platforms.

Yes! Explainer videos are a highly effective marketing and educational tool. These bite-sized pieces of content can succinctly break down complex concepts to improve your customers’ understanding, engagement, and retention. With more and more businesses implementing video marketing into their strategies, explainer videos present a great opportunity to keep up with the competition.

Explainer videos from Digital Brew start at $8k. The length, style, and scope of your project will determine the exact pricing. For a free quote on your project, give us a quick call at (407) 454-3938