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Brewmaster Spotlight: Sean Benson

April 12, 2017

Brewmaster Spotlight: Sean Benson
Name: Sean Benson Nicknames: Benson, Seanathon, ShEEAN!

When did you start at Digital Brew?

November 2012

What the heck do you do here?

What does anybody do anywhere? We’re all living out a life in these empty shells that give us the illusion of consciousness or free will, as if this sentence I’m writing right now wasn’t already going to happen based on billions of years of conditions that led up to my brain’s chemical composition at this exact moment in time. Sorry, what was the question again? Oh, I shoot and edit video here.

What are you listening to lately?

ZZ Top, Peggy Lee, Marty Robbins, Skeeter Davis, Lana Del Ray, Kendrick Lamar, Mr Little Jeans

What is your favorite movie of all time? Why?

Not sure if they’re necessarily my favorite, but two movies I never tire of is American Psycho and Good Fellas. Christian Bale just makes me laugh in every scene in American Psycho, and Joe Pesci, Ray Liota and Robert Dinero in Good Fellas are hilarious as well. “You say I’m funny? Funny how? Funny like a clown? What do you mean funny?!!”

Favorite thing about working at Digital Brew?

The awesome team I get to work with everyday. We all work really well together and it’s always been that way. It’s fun for me as a live-action guy to be able to collaborate with the animation team on some projects where we get to fuse together both, such as in our Gamefly sizzle reel or Falcon’s Creative Group. Also, all the amazing people we get to work with outside of Digital Brew. I like meeting our clients and forging relationships with them.

Favorite podcast?


Best advice you’ve ever been given?

Don’t compare and rank yourself among others. Just put yourself into everything you do. You do you.

Favorite place for film inspiration:

Vimeo Staff Picks,, or collaborating and brainstorming with others.

What’s the best movie fight scene?

I LOVE The Matrix subway scene. More recently I saw the hallway scene in the original Old Boy, and even though it’s kind of kooky at some points, on a choreography and cinematography level it’s really cool.

Any advice for recent graduates looking for jobs in video?

The best thing to do is to build your portfolio so people can see what you are capable of. Saying that you have 2 or 4 years of education isn’t enough. So from a filmmaking major point of view, if you want to get a job shooting commercials, then shoot commercials for free or cheap until you have a solid set of examples. If you want to make music videos, do the same. With visual proof of your abilities, you make it a lot easier for an employer to consider you. And, in a sense, you can sit back and let your work do the talking! (Sort of.)

Who’s your starter Pokemon?

I put all my eggs into one basket with my Kadabra when I was 10 I think. Was all about that psychic power. It won me a couple rounds in one of those Gameboy link competitions that they had at malls back in the day. But then it failed me…and I’ve planned my vengeance ever since.

If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Sushi, but I probably would get mercury poisoning right?

Why are you the way that you are?

A series of past conditions that go back long before I was born up to now. And candy.

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