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Top 10 Medical Explainer Videos

March 25, 2024

Top 10 Medical Explainer Videos

You’ve seen us do a lot of Top 5 Explainer Videos lists on this blog in the past. This week, we’re going even further. We’re going to make a Top 10 list for medical explainer videos. But not only are we expanding the count, we’re expanding the types of videos from just us to across the globe (don’t worry, there’s still a few of our own in this list). So here are some of the best medical explainer videos we’ve seen:

Med Mart Animated Explainer Video

Med Mart makes it simple to find the right doctor for cosmetic procedures. You don’t see 3D animated explainer videos featuring characters as often so we were really impressed with these. There’s some great texturing happening and a lot of it almost has a stop-motion look. There’s a little bit of text on screen but it’s incorporated really well into the video and only used to emphasize certain points in the voiceover.

Sleep Number Sleep30 Challenge Animated Explainer Video

This Sleep Number animated explainer video shows off their Sleep30 challenge and all the ways you can set yourself up for success during the month. The music evokes a cozy feeling you want associated with sleep. What really caught our eye because of the transitions and the physics of the characters.

Getting your prescriptions can be difficult and costly. But it shouldn’t be. RxLink is here to help patients with a number of ways to save and get the medications they need. Something we really love about this video is the character designs and lighting effects. We think brewmasters Tim Spencer and Beau Benson really captured their ability to illuminate their personalized options for more affordable medicine.

I Had Black Dog, His Name Was Depression

This does something a lot of the best animated explainer videos do: Use creative metaphors both visually and through voiceover to convey their big ideas. As the title suggests, this video from the World Health Organization uses a black dog following this man around to represent depression. The one note we’d like to make about this video is that it’s a little closer to a short film than an explainer video but we still wanted to highlight. For standard explainer videos, the ideal length will always be that 60-90 second sweet spot.

How to Get a Better Night’s Sleep – Tylenol Explainer Video

This one is a little different from the other videos on our list. It’s not really promoting you buying anything from them. It’s a PSA about your health. Everyone knows what Tylenol is so they don’t necessarily need to make a video saying something like, “Hey, got a headache? Take Tylenol!” It’s more about keeping themselves top of mind in the health and wellness space. So they created an educational explainer video promoting good routines that help your sleep cycle, and ultimately your health. This one mixes live action and animation to do that.

World Immunization Week Explainer Video

Here’s a video we loved that doesn’t use any voiceover. More often than not, most explainer videos tend to have some kind of voice component but this one tells everything visually with only a handful of phrases on screen to move the story along. We were also big fans of the animation and art styles here.

Denovo Dental Space Maintainer Animated Explainer Video

Here’s another video where we were really impressed with the animation style. We loved the little tooth characters and how they can sit right on line of being both compelling and informative for the kids needing a space maintainer but never talks down to them. Something else we liked here was the use of sound effects. Little things like hearing the sounds of the crane or the cheering of tooth characters really add a lot to this.

Pfizer Animated Explainer Video

Here’s another unique one we wanted to highlight. This medical explainer video took a more abstract approach to it’s animation through clusters of shapes. With a little bit of movement, these shapes were able to go from flourishes on the side of the frame, to forming a person, to representing germs, to even showing numbers. There’s so many approaches to take with explainer videos and this way really impressed us.

Bayer Medical Explainer Video

This commercial from Bayer is a perfect example of the brand story video. Much like the earlier Tylenol video, instead of doing a video about something like Claritin or Aleve, Bayer created this ad. It’s all about what they do for humanity through science. One of the lines is even “We don’t just provide food and promote healthcare.” It’s a feel-good brand story piece that aims to show you why Bayer is so great beyond just something you take when you feel sick. It uses footage from across the world, featuring people from a range of ethnicities and backgrounds, showing how what they strive for is something more universal and more than just a buck.

Crossover Animated Explainer Video

There’s a lot to love about this medical explainer video. The first thing that caught our eye was it’s use of color. There’s an incredibley smooth transition point where the world goes from dark and a little scary to bright and vibrant. The animation in this one is also so fluid and natural, seeing it’s two characters create the illusion of 3D. There’s a great shot of the hero character walking down a hallway of different medical providers that was really slick.

Brewing Medical Explainer Videos

So there you have it, 10 of our favorite medical explainer videos from around the web (including a few favorites of our own). There’s so many different ways to craft a compelling explainer video and we wanted to show the range of avenues you could take. There’s different styles of animation, voiceover or no voiceover, characters or no characters… the possibilities are endless. At Digital Brew, we love finding new, exciting ways to tell your stories. So if you want to know a little more about what our process looks like, you can always reach out to us here.

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