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What is an Animated Educational Video?

February 5, 2024

What is an Animated Educational Video?

There’s so many great uses for animated explainer videos. More often than not in this blog, we’re talking about how useful they can be for sales. But we’ve also touched on the ways they can tell stories and connect with your audience. A lot of those same ideas can still be applied to videos where sales aren’t necessarily the main goal. So this week, we’re going to dive into animated educational videos and the ways they can be just as effective.


Public service announcement (PSA) videos are a great way to get your message out about an important issue or something your company is working toward. You’re not selling anything with these types of video. It’s purely about educating people about a problem and offering them a way that they could help or get involved. Let’s look at a couple of examples of these we’ve made. This first video was one we made for the American Council of Engineering Companies and focuses on broad-form indemnification clauses. The point of this video was to raise awareness on these types of clauses and call on the viewer to act. Its whole purpose is education and to draw attention to a problem that needs solving.

Here’s another example of a PSA we made for Population Media Center. It’s a broader issue than the last video in that it focuses on global sustainability and how population growth can be addressed through education and women’s rights around the world.

Videos for Education

These videos we’re looking at here are a little closer to our normal explainer type videos. These are education videos that are explaining something for education in some way or another. The first one we’re going to take a look at is for Full Sail. We’ve had a long relationship with them over the years and it’s always great to work on their videos. The one below is about their course on QA testing for video games. So we used the video to not only talk about what the course covers, but why it matters long term in the gaming industry and your future career.

The next video we’re going to take a look at is another one that’s promoting education. Strada wanted us to highlight the need for a new learning ecosystem that works for adults. So, we delivered them a stunning content-rich video that combines both 2D and 3D animation


The last type of educational video we’re going to cover at demo videos. These are fairly self-explanatory. These are any type of video that are demonstrating how to use a product, website, or service. They can show service members how they’re going to use their rewards hubs or give full breakdowns for IT systems and how to get the most out of them. Most of the time when creating explainer videos, we’ll use drawn representations of webpages that aren’t meant to reflect what they really look like. This helps keep those kinds of videos more evergreen in case a company makes changes to the look down the road. But because you’re trying to give customers a complete walkthrough in a demo video, it’s important to make systems and webpages look like what the customer is actually going to see.

Brewing for Education

Those are just a few types of educational videos we make at Digital Brew. There’s also videos used in educational situations by teachers or schools. We don’t do much of that here (but we’re always interested if you need one). We wanted to take a moment to look at some of the other types of videos we make here besides explainer videos that directly sell a product or service. So if you’re looking to get a demo, a PSA, or anything in between, you can always reach out to us here.