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How to Create A Perfect Marketing Video

December 3, 2019

How to Create A Perfect Marketing Video

Is there even such a thing as a “perfect” marketing video? It depends who you ask, but we here at Digital Brew will answer with a resounding yes. 

As you may have guessed, however, there is no cookie-cutter template to produce your perfect marketing video. It takes a lot of creativity, brand knowledge, and a team of professionals to produce a video you’ll be proud to use in all of your marketing ventures. 

Alright, ready to get started brewing up your perfect marketing video? Don’t worry, we’ll go through it together. 

Stand Out!

Clearly the goal in any marketing campaign is to stand out from your competition, and that is no different when creating marketing videos. Luckily with videos, it’s a bit easier to stand out. Not only do social media platforms like Facebook rank video content better, but a video will naturally catch your audience’s eye better than a stagnant image (no matter how creative you make it look).

What are some ways you can make your marketing videos stand out while maintaining your brand’s voice? You can try experimenting with fun color schemes, like Doubles did in their animated explainer video, or have unique characters tell your brand story. Rocket Communications thought astronauts and aliens would work well in their marketing video (they were right).

Storytelling is another great way to engage your audience and stand out from your competition. Afterall, 92% of consumers want brands to create ads that tell a story. Take this California Sleep Solutions explainer video for example. They knew no one would want to watch a video listing out all the health issues sleep problems can cause, so we turned it into a fun and engaging story. 

Whatever you end up doing to stand out, just be sure to think outside the box and stay true to your brand.

Know Your People

Your people (your audience) are key here. Everything marketing strategy we create, every ad campaign we pay for, it’s all to please them. So how can you please these fickle consumers when you don’t know them. When setting out to create any kind of marketing campaign, you must spend some time researching your target audience. What’s the best way to do that? Buyer personas.

Creating a buyer persona will ultimately bring life to who you imagine is your ideal customer. Creating a persona is simple, and can actually be a fun way to teambuild and insure your marketing team is on the same page. Plus, it will help you with the building blocks of creating your video.

The Future is Mobile

Yes, of course you know this. As of 2018, the global average of internet users browsing via smartphone was 69.3%, and is projected to reach seven times that by 2022.

Seeing as your perfect marketing video should last you well past 5 years, it’s crucial that you make sure it’s optimized for mobile. What does that mean? Your video should look good no matter the dimensions. You’ll also have to take into account where you’ll be placing your video (ie. a landing page, homepage, social platform, etc.) and make sure the page and video player are correctly optimized. 

Keep it Simple

Chances are you love the brand/service/product you offer. Heck, that’s why you’re trying to sell it, right? Of course, this also means you could talk about it for hours on end. This is what seems to trip people up the most when creating their perfect marketing video. Less is truly more when it comes to video. Your average viewer’s attention span will be around 5 seconds, and social platforms like Instagram cap their videos right at 60 seconds,  so pushing your video any longer than a minute is a big no-no. Plus, if it’s too long, most people won’t stick around to watch the whole thing, and your message will be lost. 

You can combat this superfluous explanation syndrome by focusing on the highest value pain points your brand or product has set out to fix. Put the main point you want to get across in the video, and put the rest of the awesome ways you can help into the copy on the landing page or homepage where the video will live. If the video is compelling, they’ll look at the rest of the page and ultimately opt in.  

Keep it Professional 

We aren’t just talking about the words you use (although, those are pretty important too). When running any type of ad or marketing campaign, the first impression your brand makes on viewers will most likely be your only impression. As much as you love the people you’re marketing to, most of them will be harsh critics, and there’s nothing that will have them running from your brand faster than a poorly-made video. 

Video and sound quality are of the utmost importance when creating your perfect marketing video, whether it’s live action or animated. The best way to ensure your video is of the *highest* quality is to work with professionals (kinda like us) who have a deep understanding of your brand goals, and can bring your vision to life with a stunning video. 

Your Perfect Video

So you’ve come this far in our blog, which means you must be interested in a marketing video for yourself, right? Well the Digital Brew Crew is standing by and ready to make your video marketing dreams a reality. 

Let’s Brew This!