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How to Use Personalized Videos in Marketing and Sales

July 11, 2022

How to Use Personalized Videos in Marketing and Sales

Digital Brew specializes in explainer videos and finding the most concise, snappiest ways to get someone interested in your brand or product. The same principles we use to craft those videos can be applied to personalized videos in marketing for your sales team. You don’t want to cram everything into a single video about your company and all the things it can do for your prospective client. You want to give them just enough details to entice them to reach out and learn more.

Lead the Client to Water

Even though you can’t make the client reach out, you can make their path as convenient as possible. A giant block of text can seem overwhelming (and is usually unappealing). With the rise of mobile video platforms, it can be a lot easier to reach new clients with a short video. It’s much more appealing to watch a 30-60 second video than to see a wall of text (a little like this blog so if you want to see a video example, skip to the end). 

Most of our inboxes are flooded with hundreds of emails a week so you need to put yourself in a potential client’s shoes. If you receive an unsolicited marketing email that is paragraph after paragraph about a company you may not have heard of and aren’t sure you even need, you’re way more likely to completely disengage and not bother to read much of it (If any of it).

But you open an email that’s a 60-second, personalized video message, now you’re a little more intrigued. With your busy schedule, you also know the time investment is only that minute. There’s a reason why reps that use videos in marketing and sales emails see an 8x higher open-to-reply rate.

Let’s Get Personal (with Videos in Marketing)

The added benefit of using video is, well, it can be personal. An automated email feels more anonymous and impersonal even though it’s coming from someone’s specific account. And even if it’s set up to insert a client’s information in the copy, it can still feel fake. But do that same thing with a video script, it suddenly feels more genuine. 

It adds a nice touch and shows you’re taking the time to connect with them instead of just sending out a generic email blast to a bunch of prospective clients. It also allows the recipient to put a face and a voice to the person who’s reaching out. A bunch of text is easy to ignore but having a person speaking directly to you makes the idea of responding more enticing.

The retention on a personalized video is 35% higher than a non-personalized one so it’s worth taking that little extra time. And don’t count out prospects that haven’t responded to your regular sales emails either. Like we’ve said, it’s so easy to ignore a bland, text-filled sales email. But a video message might just help you break through.

Don’t Stop There

Don’t limit video to your initial outreach. Follow up with a short video too. Say your meeting with that prospective client went really well and you want to send them a quick thank you or meeting recap. Do it with a video and you’ll stand out even more.

Think about how you send a thank you after a job interview. That small gesture helps you stand out and shows your interest. Now imagine that thank you was a short video. It probably takes the same amount of time as a brief email but it helps personalize it even more and keeps your face and voice in their head.

Start Sending!

Not sure where to begin? Our friends at Hubspot have put together an extensive guide on personal videos in marketing and script templates to help you get started using them as a sales tool. If you ever want to discuss ways to up your marketing game, feel free to reach out to us here.

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