Two girls at the beach playing with toys

Say ‘What’s Up’ to Surfer Dudes

Say ‘What’s up!’ to Surfer Dudes… the world’s first beach action toy. It was brought to life by our client and friends, TOYosity. TOYosity is headed up by William Hohns and long time toy designer Rambo Benson. After a long road of planning, designing and testing, TOYosity has at last launched this incredible new beach toy currently on display and available at Ron Jon Surf Shop.

Surfer dudes in store display

As a product geared toward a younger demographic, the Brewmasters were challenged to create a commercial that appealed to a crowd we don’t normally target…kids. Working with this demographic gave the production team a lot of freedom and the opportunity to be creative in new ways. This also meant casting and working with child actors. If you work in video production, you know that working with child actors can sometimes be a challenge, but we got lucky with our group of little actors and they made the shoot a success. Spanning over an 18 month period this project was definitely a learning experience. As a new product still in development, we were able to ride the wave of bringing a toy to market. We also learned that lugging two 70 pound equipment cases down a ¾ mile stretch of beach is no easy feat.

Surfer Dudes behind the scenes shot

Nothing is as unpredictable as Florida weather, so we originally carved out a week period to ensure the perfect beach day. The first day was a complete wash, so the second day we headed out to Cocoa Beach to let these Surfer Dudes shred it up. We used two different cameras during production, our Sony F55, which allowed us to shoot in 4K, and a good ole set of GoPro’s for the majority of our underwater photography. We really had our hands deep in this project with the full production done completely in-house. From pre-production to post-production we had a blast with this project. Here’s a peek at our storyboards and a few behind-the-scenes shots.

Surfer dudes story board

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