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Top 5 Animated Explainer Videos for Marketing

January 24, 2024

Top 5 Animated Explainer Videos for Marketing

We’ve got one more Top 5 list for you this week. It’ll probably be our last one for a while. But we wanted to showcase some of the animated explainer videos we’ve gotten great feedback on where they really helped with the client’s marketing efforts.

Stickman Sound Animated Explainer Video

This animated explainer video for Stickman Sound is so fun and very applicable in our current world. Stickman Sound ships high-tech recording equipment across the nation, so voiceover artists can record right from their home. Those kinds of capabilities are incredibly helpful for the talented voiceover artists we hire for our own explainer videos.

HubSpot CMS Hub Starter Animated Explainer Video

This is a favorite of ours that we made for our good friends at HubSpot. As one of the largest marketing companies in the industry, HubSpot helps businesses grow by offering them tools, insights, and expert advice. It gives you the ability to focus more on nurturing your customer relations instead of some of the speedbumps of running a website. This video highlights some of the benefits that come with using their CMS Hub Starter tool!

Lightcast Animated Explainer Video

This video looks at a different kind of market… The job market. Lightcast changes the way employers hire and invest in their workers, while preparing workers with industry-ready skills for current and future careers.This video’s style is a little different than what we normally showcase here.because, well, Lightcast wanted something a little different and we think brewmasters Nadya Sudjita and Tim Spencer did an excellent job here.

Addition Financial

This ones a bit of a cheat because it’s three videos in one! We created this EMMY NOMINATED (two nominated in one blog!) series of broadcast commercials for Addition Financial that showcased their credit card, home equity loans, and car loans. These were so much fun to shoot and our live action crew really nailed it. These aren’t the first videos we’ve brewed for Addition Financial and they certainly won’t be the last (hint hint).

gFour Marketing Animated Explainer Video

Of course, a list about marketing videos wouldn’t be complete without an animated explainer video we made for a company that helps with your own marketing. Because they know how stressful being a small business owner is, gFour Marketing help you show your appreciation for your customers and capture positive reviews. This turns your current customers into your advocates and spreads the word about your business. Brewmasters Nadya and Tito Guzman knocked it out of the park with this marketing video about marketing.

Brewing Marketing

What did you think of these five videos? We really wanted to showcase some that were a little different than what you’ve been seeing. We love these videos. But more importantly, we love that our clients loved these videos. Because as much as we enjoy making cool things, our goal is always to make cool things that make you money. Want to see what kinds of cool videos we can make for you and help your marketing efforts? You can always reach out to us here.