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Top 5 Explainer Videos for Manufacturing and Logistics

November 29, 2022

Top 5 Explainer Videos for Manufacturing and Logistics

For our latest installment of “Top 5 Explainer Videos” blogs, we’re changing things up a little bit. Firstly, this week’s subject is going to be explainer videos about manufacturing and logistics. But the big difference this week is almost none of them are going to be 2D animated! This week we’re primarily focusing on 3D and live action videos (aside from one 2D we’re gonna talk about). So let’s just jump right in to our top 5 explainer videos for manufacturing!

5) Saddle Creek Explainer Video

Our first pick for this list is a live action explainer video! Yeah, we can do those too!  Saddle Creek came to us to help make a video that promoted their working environment and career opportunities. They wanted to showcase the safety of their warehouse and that they understand the value of their employees. This one was shot by our fearless leader Michael Cardwell and Sean Benson and edited by Brent Mayorca.

4) Seal Methods Explainer Video

Next up is the first 3D animated explainer video we’ve shared in this series! Seal Methods wanted a video that not only talked about their services, but their rich history and expertise. We think brewmasters Blake Wyrick and Doug Jarman put together this slick video that really captures their brand and the variety of services they offer.

3) Fleet Advantage Explainer Video

We’re back to 2D animation for our next explainer video! For this video, Fleet Advantage wanted to show companies that owned semi-trucks, how with their help, they can maximize profits. Well, brewmasters Tito Guzman and Nadya Sudjita delivered. Get it? Delivered. Because it’s about semi-trucks…

2) Tekra Explainer Video

This Tekra animated explainer video is another great showcase of our 3D animation. They wanted a video talking about their services and their access to high quality materials. We think Beau Benson and Doug Jarman killed it with this sleek animated explainer video! 

1) PureCycle Explainer Video

Let’s close out big with this EMMY NOMINATED explainer video! PureCycle wanted an animated explainer video to talk about what they do and their efficient methods of recycling plastics. Everybody go congratulate brewmaster Max Calarco on his nomination for brewing this sick video!

Brewed Manufacturing. ManBREWfacturing!

Well, that’s another Top 5 list in the books! We hope you’re enjoying these. This was an even more eclectic group of styles than usual but we thought it time to shake things up a little bit. What did you think of our our top 5 explainer videos for manufacturing?

If you’re looking to shake your marketing plans up a bit with a slick video, or even want to just talk shop, you can always reach us here.