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Top 5 Live Action Explainer Videos

July 31, 2023

Top 5 Live Action Explainer Videos

We’re back with another one of our Top 5 Explainer Video lists! This time, we wanted to highlight the great work our live action team has been doing. So here is our list of Top 5 Live Action Explainer Videos!

Saddle Creek Live Action Explainer Video

Saddle Creek came to us to help make a video that promoted their working environment and career opportunities. They wanted to showcase the safety of their warehouse and that they understand the value of their employees. This one was shot by our fearless leader Michael Cardwell and Sean Benson and edited by Brent Mayorca.

RX Advance Brand Story Live Action Explainer Video

RxAdvance is a Pharmacy Benefit Management company founded by Ravi Ika. Their mission is to cut down the hundreds of billions of dollars of avoidable medical expenses in the US healthcare economy. Ravi flew us up to their headquarters in Boston to film this healthcare reform campaign video. 

Fleming’s Steakhouse Live Action Explainer Video

Flemings is putting a modern twist on the contemporary steakhouse experience with mouth-watering concoctions. Through up-beat sound design, fast-paced shots, and well-conducted interviews, we helped Flemings Steakhouse explain why they couldn’t trust anyone but Roger West to reflect just how unique they truly are.

Cisco CX Cloud Live Action Explainer Video

This video goes beyond just a standard live action explainer video. It’s also a demo video for their CX Cloud platform. Something you may not know about us is that we do a lot of demo videos! We’re always looking for new ways to spice them up beyond just a plain demo.

4Roots Harmony Live Action Explainer Video

This live action explainer video captures the pure essence of what 4Roots is all about; fixing a broken food system that is not nourishing people or our planet. One of the coolest things about this video is the song. The piece you hear in the background is an original song written by Jamey Ray and performed by Voctave.

What’s New With the Brew Crew

Whoa! A 6th entry in a Top 5 list?! Well this one is a bit of a bonus. Every month we put out a fun, comedy video. This one is from February of this year and centers around a date that doesn’t go quite the way you think. These are always fun because we get to stretch our live action skills in new, fun ways.

Brew It Live

So those are just a few examples of some of the live action videos we can do here at Digital Brew. We hope you enjoyed them. If you’re ever looking for a live action explainer video (or even an animated explainer video) you can always reach out to us here.

Let’s Brew This!