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Top 5 Live Action + VFX Explainer Videos

August 9, 2023

Top 5 Live Action + VFX Explainer Videos

Another week, another Top 5 Explainer Video blog! Last time we talked about live action videos. Well, we’re still talking about those, sort of. This week we’re going to be covering the live action explainer videos we’ve made that also use sweet VFX!

The Winning Seat Live Action Explainer Video

Our first video this week is a live action explainer video for The Winning Seat. They wanted a kick-ass video to show off their live-action sports sweepstakes app. The vision for it was summed up in one word: Sizzly. Brewmaster Brent Mayorca delivered with flying colors! He even used some of the same techniques shown off here in our latest episode of What’s New with the Brew Crew!

Blinker Live Action Explainer Video

What was so cool about crafting this Blinker live action explainer video is that Digital Brew got to team up with Ringling College of Art and Design to assist with some of the visual effects. This partnership is designed to give their students opportunities to work on real client work for real world experiences. Obviously the most fun part of this video for us at DB HQ was creating the effects for cars exploding into money. Sean Benson edited the explainer video and worked on set to help ensure the VFX would work, while Beau Benson animated the exploding money.

Gamefly Streaming Live Action Explainer Video

At Digital Brew we love both animation and live-action film, but when we get to combine our top quality 4K photography with composited motion graphics, like in this Gamefly video, it’s a dream. A challenge like this project really pushes our team to work more closely together across our different creative departments. With this specific project it was extra fun, from conception and storyboarding to filming and animating, along with working with the awesome and imaginative people from Gamefly. We were honored to be chosen to help share the news of them launching the ability to stream games straight to your TV.

Cisco – Delivering the Goods Live Action Explainer Video

We have the privilege of working with Cisco a lot. This time, they came to us before their premiere education and training event for IT professionals worldwide, Cisco Live, to make a video that would pump up the crowd and prove their commitment to exceeding the world’s networking demands.

Benelli Lupo Live Action Explainer Video

Benelli needed a video for a television commercial highlighting the release of their newest product, the Lupo. Because the video was a product teaser, they wanted it to be a bit more creative than technical. So we took a shot (get it?) a it. We think this is a great example of how we can add animation and VFX to live action.

What’s New With the Brew Crew

Another bonus this week?! Looks like Christmas came early! Like we told you last week, every month we put out a fun, comedy video. For this one, we wanted to create a live action anime intro sequence. There’s a lot of VFXs used in this. And there were a lot of moments when we filmed this that we weren’t sure how this might come together. We think it was pretty successful considering it won us a Silver Telly!

Brew it Live…with VFX!

We hope you enjoyed these examples of some of the live action videos we’ve made that utilize VFX. If you’re ever looking for a live action explainer video, fun ways to add VFX to a live action video, or even an animated explainer video you can always reach out to us here.

Let’s Brew This!