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What an Increase in Twitch and YouTube Viewership Means for Your Business

June 2, 2020

What an Increase in Twitch and YouTube Viewership Means for Your Business

Things are strange right now. You’ve heard that probably a million times already, but that doesn’t make it less true. However, one thing we know for certain is that for streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch, viewership is at an all time high. If your brand wants in on the action, you’ll need a well crafted, high quality explainer video. 

Since Twitch and YouTube are relatively new platforms compared to what marketers may be used to, there are a few things to note before you dive headfirst into the world of advertising on these platforms. 

The Audience

Before you begin marketing on any platform, you’ll want to make sure all the right eyeballs are there. It’s true that most users on Twitch and YouTube are millennials, so if your target market isn’t between the ages of 20 to late 30s, you may want to look at other platforms to focus on like Facebook or LinkedIn. 

Targeting Tips

While both Twitch and YouTube have a wide variety of communities, they are very niche, which can be great for honing in on who you want seeing your explainer video. For example, you can target both video genres and specific viewer interests when creating ads for YouTube, which actually gives you more insight compared to other platforms like Twitter or Facebook. 

Keeping Them Interested

Now comes the big question, how do you keep viewers engaged? People using Twitch and YouTube are on these platforms looking for very specific content. With a one-track mind, it’s safe to assume they’ll skip your ad and move straight to the video they intended to watch. There’s one beautiful way to avoid this.

Show your ads on relevant videos. If you want your explainer video to pique the interests of viewers, your best bet is to target videos of the same genre. On YouTube, many viewers are looking up “How To” videos, product reviews, or other informative content. If your company or product can help them solve that problem, you have a much higher chance of them clicking your ad before the video they intended to watch even begins. 

On the other hand, niche communities on Twitch are constantly looking for ways to further engross themselves in their interests, so if your business or product speaks to that community, you’ll get a lot of traction. 

The Video Experts

We hope these tips and tricks help when it comes to advertising on YouTube and Twitch. However, the most important aspect to all of this is to have a killer animated explainer video to use in your ads. Well, not sure if you knew this, but that’s kind of our thing at Digital Brew. We’d love to help you craft a beautiful, engaging explainer video that tells your story.

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