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Why Companies Need Branded Content

February 13, 2024

Why Companies Need Branded Content

Audiences are constantly being bombarded with ads and a wide variety of video content. So you’re probably wondering how you can make your content stand out from the pack. The key is using that content to actually find a way to make connections. Did you know that companies who prioritize connections grow 5x more than companies who aren’t? Branded video content is a great way to connect with, and grow your audience.

Go Beyond the Sale

You might think that just showing off your product should be enough to gain customers. And while sometimes it can be, most audiences are looking for more than that. Remember that consumers are smarter than ever. Social media is littered with sponsored content and forms of advertising. It used to be way easier to spot. But now companies are learning new ways to connect to their target audience, tailoring their branded video content to each platform. Maybe the Instagram version of your video is shorter and snappier than the Facebook version.

Let’s also look at TikTok for an example. You could be scrolling through and then you suddenly see a talking head telling you about a problem they had. It looks the same as the video before but now it’s highlighting a product. You suddenly realize it says “Sponsored” at the bottom. You’ve actually been watching an ad. That’s because companies have been getting smarter about how they market videos on that platform. Everyone can tell when they see an incredibly polished video that’s talking about a product. While you used to scroll past immediately, if it mimics the other content on that platform, you’re more likely to stay for a moment. Maybe the person selling has a similar vibe to some of their other favorite creators. Now they’re locked in and maybe more likely to make a purchase or at least learn more.

Telling Stories

One way that we connect with each other every day is through storytelling. Stories have the power to move us emotionally or activate us. That’s why branded video content is the perfect vehicle to connect with your audience. You can tug on the heartstrings of potential customers or you can help a customer see themselves in your video and how your product or service would be great for them. If somebody sees an ad for a product and basically says, “Hey, this product is awesome!” then a lot of people will look at that and say, “Eh, so what?” But if you take them on a journey and show them how this product will help them, they can connect to that.

“Have you ever had this problem?” Yes I have!

“Don’t you wish there was a better way?” Absolutely!

“Well good thing we have this amazing solution to that problem!” Tell me more!

There’s a McDonald’s ad that plays on the smell of their french fries, putting you in the headspace of when you walk into their building or open that bag and get that first intoxicating whiff. That’s much more effective than just saying, “Our fries are great!” It’s a short story, but it’s still a story. You want your customers to be in the headspace of their problem and begging for a solution. That’s something that’s great about explainer videos. They allow you to tell a more complex story than a still advertisement. But they’re also still simple enough that the information is conveyed in 60-90 seconds.

Starting the Conversation

The big thing you always want to remember with branded video content is that you only want it to start the conversation, not replace it. Your explainer video meant to be the attention grabber. Like we just talked about, it’s meant to put them in the headspace of, “Wow, this solution looks like it could really fix my problem.” It makes the initial connection. Then you have to close the deal and keep the connection alive. So the goal is to capture their attention enough so potential customers want to further that conversation. Of course, that all comes back to telling a story that connects with them in a personal way.

Brewing Branded Video Content

Look, we love making videos here at Digital Brew. We’ve got a crew of super talented artists that pour themselves into each video and make them all unique. But the ultimate goal of each video is to help you get conversions. We want each video to wow the audience and show them what makes your product the right product for them. That means each video, no matter how long or short, needs to tell a compelling story that captures their attention. So if you’re ready for us to help tell your story, or just want to know a little more about the process, you can always reach out to us here.

Let’s Brew This!