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Best Practices for Working With a Creative Studio

March 15, 2023

Best Practices for Working With a Creative Studio

You’ve finally decided to pull the trigger on working with a creative studio to create your new video. You’ve seen the facts and figures and understand that marketers that use video experience revenue growth 49% faster! That’s a really exciting time! Maybe you have a lot of ideas for your new video. Maybe you aren’t sure what you want. Either is totally okay. Part of our job as a creative studio is take all of that information and all those ideas and boil them down into the perfect bite sized encapsulation. So as you begin your journey, here are some things you should keep in mind when working with a creative studio.

Be Communicative When Working With a Creative Studio

Throughout the course of working with a creative studio to create a video, there’s going to be a lot of back and forth between your team and theirs. As a creative studio, we’re here to help bring your vision to life. So if we don’t know what your vision is, well, it can be a little harder to do that. Like we said earlier though, it’s okay to not be sure what you want. But you probably know what you don’t want. And knowing that can be just as important when figuring out the direction of your video. Being communicative also goes hand and hand with our next topic:

Sticking to Timelines

As you go on this journey, you’ll be emailing with your creative studio about providing relevant materials, edits to the script, voiceover casting, storyboards, final notes, and everything in between. And in order to move ahead with the process, we’ll need those notes and approval from your team. It’s okay if you can’t get that to your creative studio immediately though. Part of our process at Digital Brew is building response time into your timeline. If the process of giving feedback at certain steps might take a week, we’ll build out your timeline with that in mind so we can create realistic benchmarks. It all comes back to communication.

Trust Us

When working with a creative studio, you’re entering into a partnership. And in any partnership, it’s always important to remember what each party is bringing to the table and to trust their expertise. As a creative studio, our final goal is to make you happy (and ultimately, make a video that helps make you money). For an extreme example, let’s say you want to put everything into a single video that’s going to time out to be four minutes long. For your average, bite-sized explainer video, that’s almost 3 minutes too long. Now of course, these will all be conversations. Any good creative studio will never just shoot something down without a discussion.

Working With Us

There are just a few tips to keep in mind when working with a creative studio. It’s a relationship that needs communication to thrive. When working with us, we like to lay out our entire process for you so you know exactly what to expect at each step along the way. If you’re ready to go on the journey with us, you can always reach out to us here!