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6 Things to Look for in an Explainer Video Company

January 16, 2020

6 Things to Look for in an Explainer Video Company

So, you’ve finally joined the rest of us in 2020 and have decided to get yourself a nice animated explainer video. Great! Now comes the *fun* part: finding the perfect Explainer Video Company to work with. Let’s clear the air a bit first though. We know we’re an Explainer Video Company, and we’re very biased. Of course we want to give you a kick-ass video, because we know we can exceed your expectations. But, we understand if Digital Brew just isn’t your speed (no, we’re not crying there’s just dust in our eyes…). 

So, here’s a nifty little list for you to use when deciding what Explainer Video Company to move forward with. 

  1. Creative Synergy. It’s all about how you mesh, man. When deciding what production studio to partner with, it’s very important to make sure you can both understand the creative vision. Before you even contact a studio you’re thinking about working with, check out their showreel and past projects. That will give you a great idea whether or not they can achieve the style you are going for. If you like what you see, it’s safe to move forward!

  2. Transparency. All too often, we see “Explainer Video Companies” popping up with little to no information on their site and hardly any work to show. We’ve also noticed these same companies tend to either hide their pricing or boast about how low their pricing is. And while a cheap price tag may seem tempting, you have to remember you get what you pay for. Remember, your new animated video represents who you are as a company. If you don’t have the budget to get a professional quality video, you may need to reconsider the timing. 

  3. Quality. Ok this should be a given right? You obviously want high-quality work representing your brand, but quality is much more than the artwork and animations. It’s crucial to find a company that cares about your business goals and can create not only stunning visuals but a compelling message. Afterall, an effective brand story is essential to your marketing strategy!

  4. Turn-Around Time. Always make sure the studio you work with knows when you need your video by, and they clearly define their timeline for you. Most people worry about the video taking too long to make, but the opposite can almost be worse. If you’re promised your video in a ridiculously short amount of time, that’s an indicator that the company you’re working with is cutting corners, or simply doesn’t care about the quality of work they are presenting you. A professional, beautiful video will take an average of 4 weeks to create, and that’s if everything runs smoothly. 

  5. Industry Experience. Experience is the most important aspect in your relationship with your Explainer Video Company. Sure, a company newer to the industry may charge you less than a big name production team, but here we’ll direct you back to a previous point we made: you get what you pay for. 

  6. Responsive (And Cool) Team-  Since you’ll be working with your production team for at least 4 weeks, you should love who you’re working with! Pick a group of people that you actually enjoy talking to and can communicate with easily. We promise that will make all the difference when the final product rolls around. Not just that, the process will go much smoother (and faster) if your team is responsive… which they should be. If your soon-to-be production team isn’t very responsive within the first few steps of the process, turn tail and run. 

    Bonus: Awards. Ok so yeah, we’re biased here, but why wouldn’t you want to work with a production company who has oh, say 17 Emmy Awards (and counting)?  

So what do you say? Do you think Digital Brew is the Explainer Video Company for you? If the answer is yes (or even if it’s no and you just want to learn more about explainer videos) let’s chat!