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The Best Length for Your Marketing Videos

November 3, 2015

The Best Length for Your Marketing Videos
You’ve already decided you need an awesome marketing video for your company or product. You have a message, a vision, and everything else figured out. But there is still one question in mind. “How long should my video marketing be?” Decisions, decisions, decisions… Don’t sweat it. We’re here to help you! In the age of fast-paced content and short attention spans, every second count. Your videos should be straight to the point. Every piece of your content should have a purpose. Which doesn’t mean you can’t make it interesting. You can, and you should make your videos interesting and engaging. When it comes to marketing videos, most of your audience will give you somewhere between 30 seconds and 2 minutes of their time. So for the most part, you want to keep your videos between that length. But here’s what you’ve been waiting for. The magic number. From our experience in the video production business, the target length of your video should be 90 seconds. In 90 seconds, you’ll have enough time to tell a compelling and engaging story without boring your viewers. Keep in mind, however, that whether you are considering an explainer video or a live action video its duration should depend on the message you are delivering. We have a few examples for you to help you figure out what would work best for your company: This video is 2 minutes and 22 seconds long. This amount of time is great for delivering a message that is a bit more complex, or to explain a product most people aren’t familiar with. This length works well if you only have one video to address many problems that you solve and how you solve them. This video is 52 seconds long. This length works best for videos about products and services that people are familiar with or its features are easy to understand. This length works well if you are targeting one problem and solution, or if you have a series of videos. 15 seconds… That’s how long this video is. Short videos, such as this, works best for companies that have a straightforward message. The best part about this types of videos is that they are highly shareable on social media. These short videos are ideal for YouTube pre-roll or for broadcast delivery. We also have a few extra pointers to help you make a decision: Having a tough time delivering your message in one short video? Break your message down into smaller sections and make multiple videos. Still want to stick to one video? Prioritizing your message is the way to go. Choose to share only what is most important for your audience to know. Keeping your videos short may seem like a huge compromise at first, but your audience will appreciate it. Hey, they might even watch the whole thing… And that is exactly what you are going for.