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Does Your Business Need an Explainer Video?

January 18, 2016

Does Your Business Need an Explainer Video?
Pay attention next time you visit a business’ website or see an ad. Explainer videos are quickly becoming the new marketing craze. I mean, they’re pretty cool… Great brands and startups like Dropbox, Groupon, and Spotify, have already jumped on the animated explainer bandwagon. Now, you might be asking yourself: is your business missing out? What’s in it for you? If you’re curious and still wondering if investing in an explainer video should be the next move in your marketing strategy, then read on.

Do you want to engage with your audience?

Top quality animation design. Check. Lovable characters. Check. Engaging story. Check! Animated explainer videos create an emotional bond between viewers and your brand. The visuals and audio instantly grab the attention of the viewers but it’s the storytelling that hooks them – we all love a good story! A great story deserves a great video script. In fact, this is the first step in our explainer video production process. This is where we nail down your video’s concepts and determine a clear goal and message, keeping your desired audience in mind at all times. A well-produced explainer video will tell your unique ideas and concepts in a fun and relatable way, and will answer the “What? How? Why?”, allowing viewers to identify themselves with your story.

Do you need help explaining your product or service?

People don’t really buy products or services, they buy results. Also, most people don’t want to waste time sifting through a text-filled website to find out if you can offer those desired results. We live in a world of “now” – consumers expect to get what they want when they want it. A well-produced explainer video puts the information your audience cares about on a platter for them, all the while sparking their interest and having them stick around. This exceptional online marketing tool is, by far, the best way of explaining a product or service to potential customers. Whether you’re looking to promote your startup company or introduce a new kickass product, an animated explainer video will communicate your functions and methods clearly.

Do you want to boost conversion rates?

Speaking of selling, if your conversion rates are suffering and you still haven’t tried video marketing, then it might be the right time to do so! The numbers are pretty impressive – 73% of consumers are more likely to buy a product or service after watching an explainer video (ReelSEO). And branded videos not only keep visitors engaged but also add credibility – and that’s important to any company. Investing in an animated explainer will spice up your pitch and give potential customers the shot of confidence they need in order to make a decision. If your answer was “yes” to any of the questions above, then an explainer video will benefit your business. A high quality animated explainer will give your brand a little gusto and help you connect with your targeted audience in a memorable way that drives action. Have questions? We’d be happy to help! We know a thing or two about explainer video production (it’s kind of our thing). Drop us a line at or tweet at us @digitalbrew_co.


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