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How AdventHealth Used Motion Graphics To Schedule Chron’s Disease Screenings

Using Motion Graphics to Save Lives

AdventHealth is a highly sought group of hospitals in the Orlando, Tampa, and Daytona Beach, FL providing the latest treatments and technology. Their primary marketing goal is to create understanding with their patients — their content needs to make both current and potential patients feel safe, particularly when it comes to life-changing medical procedures.


AdventHealth’s Director of Video Content Strategy, Enrico Marcellino, has found one major element that effectively build understanding and trust with patients: storytelling.

“Storytelling is the overarching goal — it’s the most important thing. It’s what drives all of our content and should be what all of our marketing is based on. There’s a difference between sharing something with someone and talking at someone.”

Throughout the years, Digital Brew has produced numerous campaigns for AdventHealth, including the Trust Your Gut series. The videos are always driven by motion graphics, which Enrico says do the best job at relaying complicated messages in a safe and positive way.

“A motion graphic that delivers the education in more of a cartoon way — something that’s easily digestible — makes a patient feel safe. Once they understand the concept, they’re no longer stressing or worried about the procedure and they’re more likely to take advantage of it, which is ultimately for their own good.”


Take a look behind the scenes of Digital Brew’s production process for AdventHealth’s Trust Your Gut: Colon Cancer video.



[Michael] has a lot of great insights. He gives a lot of great examples for people to react to. I think that he gets the overall message and he makes sure that he doesn’t leave the room without a complete understanding of what it is he’s trying to do, even if those concepts are foreign or highly detailed and medical in nature.

Enrico Marcellino