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A Sizzlin’ Video for ChefsBest

Since 2000, ChefsBest has been helping brands create first-class taste-related content. Using their greatest assets—Certified Master Tasters and our proprietary Sensory Attribute Quality Analysis ™â€” ChefsBest assists brand managers can tout their greatest asset that consumers care most about: taste.


As Director of Sales and Marketing at ChefsBest, Chris Faridniya knew that if he wanted to run a successful marketing campaign on sites like Facebook and Instagram, he was going to need a kick-ass video. After researching 20+ production studios and narrowing his search down to 3, he decided working with the Brewmasters was the best fit for ChefsBest.

Since ChefsBest offers such a unique service, Chris knew that not only would this explainer video need to be attention-grabbing and engaging, but also portray the awesome work his company does in just 90 seconds.


The solution? One bit sized video that packs a punch!

Our team was able to create a 90 second explainer that takes you through the step-by-step process of how a product can earn and licsence a ChefsBest medallion, clearing up some of the main questions their potential customers will ask.

With help from diverse animated characters and lots of graphs, ChefsBest now has an incredible animated video to explain how they help brands put their best foot forward.


Marketing and Sales Director Chris told us they plan to use their shiny new video in a myriad of ways. Besides embedding the video in their ‘About Us’ page, ChefsBest will launch a marketing campaign across their social media pages. While they have not yet started the campaign, Chris has high hopes for the ROI they will see thanks to their new video.In addition, they plan to use the video before calls with potential clients to help them understand how ChefsBest can help their brand, and hopefully get any initial questions before the call answered.

So, ready to create a multi-purpose video to help promote your brand or product? Let’s get together and tell a story!

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Let’s brew This!

Super organized and easy to work with. They truly took our seed of an idea and bloomed it into an amazing final product that exceeded our expectations. Our digital explainer video is beautifully animated, rich, and engaging content we can leverage in our marketing for many years to come. We highly recommend getting an explainer video from Digital Brew, totally worth every dollar invested.