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Creating an Experience with Blezoo

Creating an Experience with Blezoo


∞ Artwork to Implement

Amazing Experience


Blezoo has been offering a “Campaigns” service for a while now, but it never got the traction they were hoping for. That’s when they realized the needed to go about marketing this service in a completely different way. Thus, Blezoo’s “Experience in a Box” was born.

Blezoo had been wanting to implement an explainer video into their marketing strategy for a while, but realized their re-brand would be the perfect opportunity to have one done.

So, with a catchier name, it was time to obtain some catchy visuals to compliment their landing pages and marketing efforts for “Experience in a Box”.

After narrowing it down, they decided Digital Brew was the best production studio to work with.

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Based on the work they’d seen from us, Blezoo was confident that Digital Brew could come up with something that would exemplify what they were looking for.

We decided to create a 1-minute, character-driven animation. A super-fun, super-simple explanation of how awesome Blezoo’s Experience in a Box is, and how a myriad of different types of companies can use the service to up their marketing game and brand awareness.

The video itself features Blezoo’s bright brand colors,  2D character animation, as well as some 3D elements to really keep things interesting.


One place where they have seen some drastic changes when using their new video is with their email marketing efforts. Tori Simmons, Lead Design and Marketing Manager at Blezoo, told us when they used their video in their latest newsletter, they got a much higher click-through rate.

While they haven’t implemented their shiny new video in any paid campaigns yet, they’re expecting some incredible results when they do.

And best of all, Blezoo was able to implement the art assets from their video into other aspects of their marketing, like on their social platforms and website. They were able to take the raw files we made for them to create graphics to be used on social, and shorter splices of their video as well as gifs to be used on social, in emails, on their website, and more.

“It’s more than a video for us,” Tori Simmons said. “it turned into the visual representation of what we’re going to use moving forward with Experience in a box.”

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We are extremely happy with our video. It completely out-performed what we were looking for. We’re getting more value out of it than just the video itself. Everything down to the process, how quickly you guys were able to get it done for us, the very structured timeline you kept to, it exceeded our expectations.

Tori Simmons