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Explaining Diaper Need with Huggies and Scary Mommy

Explaining Diaper Need with Huggies and Scary Mommy


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One in three families in the United States can’t afford diapers for their babies. Together, Scary Mommy and Huggies wanted to get the word out about how big of an issue diaper need is, right here in our country.

So, Some Spider (the company that runs Scary Mommy) went on the hunt for a production studio that could create an animated explainer that would get people talking about diaper need in the US.

When Stacey Haid discovered Digital Brew, she knew she had found the right partner. Our impressive portfolio and price transparency was all she needed to move forward with making an animated video with us.


With COVID-19 creating some serious roadblocks with live video, Stacey knew an animated explainer video would be the perfect solution to keep all parties involved safe, and still create something that would easily grab the attention of their audience.

Simple but informative was what the DB crew went with for this video. We knew it needed to strike emotion from the viewers, but also clearly explain what the diaper need problem was, and how viewers could help by donating to their local Diaper Bank.

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Stacey said she couldn’t say enough about our production team. She and the rest of her team, as well as Huggies and Scary Mommy, were happy with the finished product we presented.

The video has so far received over 1.3 million views and counting. And, although we don’t have the exact numbers from Huggies, Stacey says she’s sure that the spread of this video has increased donations to the Diaper Bank.

If you’re looking for a video to help you promote a charity, drive donations, or just spread the word about a good cause, the awesome team at Digital Brew would love to help!

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[Digital Brew] was phenomenal. You went above and beyond. I know you worked weekends and nighttime to hit this impossible deadline that was put forward. After the first meeting we had, I felt like I didn’t have to worry. Sometimes you have to micromanage when working with other companies, but it was such a relief for me that you guys just took over, and met and exceeded any expectations that we had.

Stacey Haid