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HHAeXchange Billing Case Study

Delivering the Goods for HHAeXchange


HHAeXchange needed a way to tell their brand story and explain their software in simple, easy to grasp terms.

“The human attention span is pretty short in today’s world.”  Kaitlin Olcott, HHAeXchange’s Director of Marketing, told us. “And our customers are busy. We needed video to tell our story in an effective, concise, and entertaining way that would keep our audience’s interest and communicate our message.”


The Brew Crew animated a series of videos for HHAeXchange, highlighting their Mobile App, EVV services, and in our most recent video, their billing process. While software can be complicated to explain (especially in under a minute or so), we were able to work with HHAeXchange to create short, attention grabbing videos that perfectly explained their product.

Kaitlin tells us they try to incorporate video as often as possible, and use these videos across multiple platforms such as email marketing, at client meetings, after sale demos, and across their website.


Not only did HHAeXchange see measurable ROI, like influencing $70k in open opportunities and 25% more conversions on landing pages featuring our videos, but Kaitlin also reports that one of the best results they have seen from the videos is that they “have really improved employee pride in our company and products.”

I have worked with a lot of other vendors. There’s really no comparison. It’s effortless with Digital Brew. They handle everything and always deliver an amazing final product.

Kaitlin Olcott