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How HHAeXchange is Dominating the Market with Video

How HHAeXchange is Dominating their Market with Video

HHAeXchange is a homecare management software designed to help both payers and providers work seamlessly together to provide exceptional care for patients through communication, transparency, and visibility. Their mission is to provide better outcomes for patients who represent some of the most vulnerable and fragile members of our society.


HHAeXchange was looking for a way to stand out when they approached us with the need for a series of videos. Because their market doesn’t use much video, they decided and animated explainer video would help them stand out from the competition.¬† And with a brand new site on the way, they wanted not only an interesting and engaging way to tell their story, but they needed content that wouldn’t overload their audience with too much information, which is where their animated explainer video came in!


Having an animated video helped HHAeXchange simplify their goal, platform, and all the complicated acronyms they use without being boring or having to over-explain.

Along with their animated explainer video, HHAeXchange did a series of live action customer testimonials and case studies. As our contact at HHAeXchange put it, “[Customer testimonials] really stand out, especially the ones that we did for our clients because you get hear the client talking in person, you’re seeing the person on-screen and you get to see how excited and happy they are to be using the platform.”


HHAeXchanged used their animated video for their website, and for digital marketing strategies on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn. They plan to use it in paid advertising as well, as video marketing is proven to boost qualified leads by 66%.

As far as their live-action videos, HHAeXchange uses them for a variety of purposes. Of course, they filled their new site with the testimonial videos, but they also used them to boost employee morale by showing the impact HHAeXchange employees had on the customers using their product. The testimonial videos would play in their offices, reception areas, and even show the videos before the sales team makes calls.

The videos are also shown at any event HHAeXchange attends.

“Any time we go to events now we have a USB that we plug into the TV and just play all the videos, which has been really helpful.”

“It’s always been awesome working with the team both on the animation side and live-action side, which I think is rare. Most companies are either good at one but what Digital Brew does best is that they are really experts in both.”