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Living up to the Bowlero Standard

Delivering On Time for Bowlero


Bowlero came to us in need of a way to instruct their family of bowling alleys how to best run bowling leagues. And with over 12,000 lanes to their name, they needed to make sure everyone was on the same page. Most importantly, they had a tight schedule we needed to keep.

“I’ve worked with other studios in the past,” Joseph Chabot, Multi-Media Design Manager of Bowlero Corp told us. “I had issues with the timeline, but the biggest thing was getting the standard of results I requested and were pretty clearly outlined.”


The solution was quite simple. We set out to make them a fun, colorful animated explainer that would keep everyone’s attention. Thus the bowling league animated explainer at the top of this page was born.

As with every client we have, it was important for us to stay in close contact with Joseph and the team to ensure we kept the vision of their project on pont and delivered the project on time.

When asked how he felt about the timeline of the video, Joseph said he was very pleased, especially given that this project had a “not very generous timeline.”


The final product was a video everyone loved. Since this animation was only shown to employees within Bowlero, there wasn’t much ROI to share, although Joseph did tell us the video was a hit among those that did get to watch it!

We got excellent feedback, the departments that watched this were really excited to be acknowledged and were ecstatic about the production quality.

Joseph Chabot