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NextPaw Case Study

NextPaw’s Impressive Explainer Video


% Impression Increase



NextPaw offers an incredible unique service; they help local Mom & Pop pet shops compete against big-chain pet stores that dominate the digital market.

With such a niche market, NextPaw knew they needed a stellar video that spoke to their target audience, portrayed how powerful NextPaw technology is, and drove viewers to their website all within 90 seconds.

The first thing that the NextPaw team noticed about Digital Brew was not only that we made incredible animated explainer videos, but that our videos are so clear and concise with messaging.

“The first thing that drew us to you was not only your reputation,” Kitty Garcia, SaaS Marketing Manager at NextPaw told us, “but how good your graphics are.”

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NextPaw knows people don’t want to spend their time reading through every detail of their services (because those services are vast!), so an entertaining animated video to explain it all in 90 seconds was exactly what they knew they needed.

Digital Brew whipped up a funny, character-driven video that hits all the pain points NextPaw wanted to address, and even featured a bit of UI to give viewers an idea of what their platform looks like.

The unique relationship between the narrator and the pet store owner is what we think really sets this video apart. It not only adds humor to the video, but makes it very relatable for Mom & Pop pet store owners.


After implementing their video in their Facebook ad campaign, NextPaw was thrilled to see a 236% increase in engagements. In addition, they got 1,224 clicks and 8,318 engagements.

But what they are most happy about is the educational purpose the video has served. After watching the videos, their potential customers have a much better understanding of NextPaw, all of its features, and how incredible of a service it is.

Having trouble getting your potential customers to understand all the incredible benefits you offer? Sounds like you need a video! We’d love to chat with you about your marketing goals, and how we can help! You can pick a time to talk with us here!

What we really found is that [the video] is serving a really great educational service. People are really understanding what NextPaw does, and the features that come along with NextPaw. That was our main goal, so we’re reaching our goal.

Kitty Garcia