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Rocket Communications Case Study

Rocket Communications Explains UX with help from Extraterrestrials

UX can be a complicated thing to explain, but it gets a lot easier when you’ve got aliens and astronauts to help.





Rocket Communications needed a video that would pitch their business in an engaging and professional way. After viewing our portfolio and speaking with our fearless leader, Michael Cardwell, they knew Digital Brew was the perfect partner for them.

“We’ve done a few projects with you now.” Michal Anne Rogondino, CEO of Rocket Communications, said. “Our latest video was a company explainer video. We wanted to represent our brand and explain who we are and what we do. You guys NAILED IT!”


If you’re involved in marketing at all, you know video is the only way to go if you have a complicated or lengthy idea you want to portray, and Michal agrees.

“In my opinion is the best way to engage someone and explain something that they may not have the patience to read.” She said. “If a picture’s worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million!”

And, with a name like Rocket Communications, it wasn’t hard to choose an exciting theme for their video. In fact, it was so good, we won an Emmy for it.

But, it takes a lot of work and communication to produce a video as stunning and professional as this one. As far as the production process goes, Michal told us, “you were one of the best companies we’ve ever worked with when it came to time management and expectation setting.”


While Michal hasn’t seen any specific ROI yet, she did share some important results with us.

“People love it. I’m not sure it’s helped us win any work yet, because we’re redesigning our website to support the message in the video. I do expect it to help people make decisions about us based on our company looking professional and maybe even bigger than we actually are.”

“YOU GUYS ROCK!!” She added.

Digital Brew was a pleasure to work with. You’re very professional and incredibly talented. You were able to take our ideas and feedback and always turn it into something better than we even imagined.

Michal Anne Rogondino