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Saving the World with OnePak

Saving the World with Onepak


Digital Brew and Onepak go way back, 5 years to be exact. Sam Roach, UX/Design Director at Onepak, told us he first heard about us from a colleague, and after checking out our work for DraftKings, the rest was history.

Our 5 year professional relationship with Onepak has yielded a great variety of awesome videos, but the one we want to focus on today is Onepak’s animated explainer focusing on circular economy.

When Sam was first on the hunt for a video production company to work with, he knew Onepak needed a video that unique and impressive, but everything he had seen so far was just plug and play services.

Until Digital Brew came into the picture.

So, when Sam came back to us asking for an over all explainer video, detailing the motivation and goals of their company as a whole, we we’re thrilled to be on board for the new project.

As a sustainability and reverse logistics company, it’s a struggle for the Onepak team to explain to outsiders what a circular economy is, and how Onepak fits into all of that. Which is exactly what we aimed to solve in their video.


Onepak was ready to launch their new website and wanted a new explainer video to go along with it. So, our solution for them was to work hand-in-hand with their designers to create one of our most stunning videos yet.

Onepak is the leader in sustainable solutions for the IT industry, so right away, the Digital Brew Crew knew we needed to create a video that exemplified how beautiful our world is, and how it’s our job as humans to take care of it.

They provided us with a rough script and we hit the ground running. Within a few weeks, our animators and illustrators released a gorgeous explainer video featuring vibrant colors, wide-shot nature landscapes, and most importantly, explained exactly what it is Onepak does, all in 1 minute.

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Onepak now uses their explainer video as the spearhead for all of their marketing efforts.

They recently released their new website, which now features their beautiful video right on the front page.

While they’re still waiting on the exact ROI, people are raving about the video.

Their shareholders, clients, and staff are all blown away by their new explainer video, and are thrilled to use it for many years to come.

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[Digital Brew] is our secret weapon. We lean on you guys strongly.

Sam Roach