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Strada Case Study

 The Future of Education with Strada


Strada Education Network was created to combat systemic failures in our current education system, which is a pretty broad concept to grasp. That’s why Strada knew they needed a well-made animated explainer video, to raise awareness of who they are and the major goals they seek to accomplish.

Strada had just finished a report called The New Learning Ecosystem, and needed a video to help explain their findings and what they wanted to do to help solve the current educational crisis they reported on.

After Googling “Best Animation Companies”, Strada discovered Digital Brew. In particular, our 2D and 3D mixed animation styles stood out to Senior Creative Director Jason Johnson, and thus a beautiful partnership was born.


“We had a very new concept we were trying to make easy to understand for our audience,” Jason told us. “We needed to take something complex and turn it into something (in a relatively short time) our audience could understand.”

Because the concept of the report was something hard to portray visually, they Jason knew live-action footage was a no-go. So Digital Brew’s solution was a stunning mix of 2D and 3D animation that involves both literal and metaphorical visuals to help break down Strada’s goal and findings into something extremely easy to digest.

We stuck with the “ecosystem” concept, so many of our visuals involve vast and beautiful landscapes that blend nicely with the concept of the learning ecosystem that the video’s script focuses on.

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Although Strada hasn’t implemented this video in any paid advertising campaigns, they have made it a staple in their presentation materials.

They also used it in a National Symposium they put on last year, with an audience of around 150, trying to get as many eyes on it as possible.

And, of course, they made a big deal about it on their website and social media, hope to drive as many people as possible to download their report on The New Learning Ecosystem.

When you’ve got a complicated conceptual idea that you’re having trouble describing, animated explainer videos are truly your best option. Not only that, but working with a team of passionate professional creatives will push you over the edge of success.

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Everything was great. What I liked the most was that [Digital Brew] was able to translate what we were saying into a visual that was very close to what we hoped for, and even improved on what we had talked about. The attention to detail and creative thought behind the way [Digital Brew] executed things, I really liked your style.

Jason Johnson