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The Climate Service Case Study

Making a Branded Video with The Climate Service

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The Climate Service is changing the way businesses operate within the lens of climate change.  Their platform offers a look into how climate change will effect their business down the line, tools to make sure they are following regulations, and ways to help do their part in making the world a little more eco-friendly. With such a unique service, they knew the best way to show who they are to the world was through a branded video.

The Climate Service is a b2b business, so their need for the video to be animated, but not too cartoony was something they really focused on when looking for the perfect explainer video company to partner with. After seeing a handful of samples from Digital Brew (and seeing that we’ve won some awards) TCS felt that we were the best studio to partner with to bring their video to life.


The final result was a video involving both 2D animation and live action clips. The 2D animation serves to explain TCS’s platform, and show a general example of the UI, while the live action shots bring a dose of reality to the issue at hand, pushing the viewers to take action now rather than later, as the threat is real and here.


Currently, The Climate Service is using their new video in their first ever paid marketing campaign. They’re focusing in on LinkedIn, but will personally share the video with the top dogs in the sustainability industry.

In addition to a paid campaign, TCS is using the video in their email marketing, on their website and YouTube, and pretty much anywhere they can show it off. They want as many eyes on this piece as they can get!

Complex topics are our specialty at Digital Brew. So, if you have a product or service you think may be especially hard to break down for consumers, we’d love to tackle that project with you!

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Let’s Brew This!

It was such a joy to work with the [Digital Brew] team. It was a really complex subject and they made a really strong effort to understand it so they could make a better final product. They were so diligent and any questions they had, instead of just assuming, they always came to me.

Julianne Hogan