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Viant Case Study

Building a Partnership with Viant

+ million

Impressions on new product


Video completions

% Above CTR average


As one of world’s leading advertising technology company, Viant has worked with a handful of animation and production studios. When they first came to Digital Brew, they knew they neededs something different than what the other studios they worked with had been producing; videos that came out looking cheesy, boring, and unrefined.

So, the Brew Crew knew we needed to wow our friends at Viant.


We wanted to deliver an experience for Viant that went above and beyond. It was important for us to show them that even in the tech industry, you can have beautiful and creative videos. We also wanted to show them that not all production studios are equal. And according to Daniella Krieger, the VP of Marketing & Communications at Viant, we did just that.

“I absolutely love working with your team.” Daniella told us. “You guys have the best customer service.”

And thus began the start of a beautiful partnership.


We’ve worked with Viant on a handful of awesome videos, both animated and live action. Since then, Viant has seen some great results.

For example, the video ads we made promoting a new product launch generated 8.6+ million impressions, with a CTR that was 12% above average and over 2 million video completions (which, by the way, is 42% better than their other non-Digital Brew videos).

“We’re excited for the future.” Daniella told us, “and look forward to expanding the type of video projects we do together!”

[At Viant] our expectations are high, our turnaround time is always really short, and I’ve never given you a project that you’ve said no to or that has not been delivered on time or not been delivered in the best way possible.

Daniella Krieger