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Landing Pages With Video Perform Better. Here’s Why.

October 11, 2017

Landing Pages With Video Perform Better. Here’s Why.
You’ve heard the rumors, you’ve read the blogs. You know that landing pages with video perform better, and you know you need to invest in a high-quality video to increase your lead generation. You’re probably wondering, though…why? Marketing blogs have a funny way of providing statistics and valuable information that convinces you to change the way you do business. What they’re often not as good at, however, is telling you why. We know the facts: landing pages with video increase conversions. For our own clients like Kissmetrics, we’ve seen increases in conversions by as much as 31 percent. As an explainer video company, we’ve worked firsthand with B2B and B2C clients alike, helping them perform better online through the use of engaging video. Today, we want to help you by actually explaining the many reasons landing pages with video perform better than those without.

1. Our Brains Connect Better With Video

We’ve done a whole infographic on this topic because of how poignant it is. Video and the brain have a unique relationship, particularly due to the mirror-neuron mechanism in our brain. Mirror-neurons fire not only when we perform an action, but when we watch someone else perform it. This may be why you’re an empathetic crier, or you always laugh when actors break on SNL. When it comes to marketing, these mirror-neurons can help your customer relate to your buyer journey and solution by showing them the benefits of your product or service. Particularly with explainer video, which often contain character animation, potential clients will automatically empathize and relate to your proposed problem and solution. When your landing page has a video that shows this journey and portrays the uniqueness of your product in a gripping way, the customer converts. It’s really just that simple, which is why it’s so important to invest in high-quality video that actually performs.

2. Landing Pages With Video Above The Fold Increase The Time Spent On Page

It’s not enough to simply drop a video at the bottom of your landing page and wait for the conversion to roll in. Often times, if you employ a tool like HotJar, you’ll notice that customers hardly ever scroll at all on a landing page. That’s right: most customers click in and click out without a single thought. Whether or not they take the time to fill out a form, add something to their cart or give you their email address has everything to do with what they see above the fold. For reference, “above the fold,” refers to the area immediately visible on a web page. Here’s our explainer video landing page, for example. Landing Page With Video Example from Digital Brew By incorporating our Digital Brew explainer video on the page, we present potential clients with an enticing display of not only our animation skills, but also a killer sell on why they need an explainer video in the first place.

3. Video Makes You Appear More Credible

Companies, especially B2B companies, like working with other professionals. This is why, even for freelancers, assets like professional-quality websites, business cards, follow-up emails and thank you cards are so important. When it comes to landing pages, people surf the web for hours every day. We encounter so much rich media while on the web, it’s almost an innate human skill at this point to be able to determine what is professionally made and what looks amateur. When you incorporate a professionally made landing page video onto your site, your customer immediately associates you with that video: professional. Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or two girls making clothes in your apartment, that landing page first impression makes all the difference in how a potential customer perceives you. Most of the time, this is the difference between making a sale and losing one.