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Why are Explainer Videos so Expensive?

October 10, 2023

Why are Explainer Videos so Expensive?

So you’re finally starting to seriously consider getting an explainer video. You might have even been procrastinating on making the leap. But this is still an exciting time and you’re probably doing a lot of research into trying to find the right company to work with. Of course, a lot of your decision probably comes down to price. So you’re probably asking yourself, “Why are explainer videos so expensive?”

Our Process

Whether you’re looking for a new contractor, picking out paint, or hiring a company for your explainer video, the saying remains true: You get what you pay for. So when you’re asking yourself “Why are explainer videos so expensive,” remember, you’re paying for quality. Now of course, it’s easy to just say that, but at a company like Digital Brew, we walk you through every step of our process at the beginning. That way you can get a good idea of what your money is going toward.

So let’s look at our process from a high level. First, we’ll set up a creative brief call, which is specifically designed to get all the information we need to write the first draft of the script. We say “first draft” because, while we’re the marketing and video experts, we’re not necessarily the expert of your company, so we know there will be some back and forth. And we’ll do as many revisions on that script as we need so it’s exactly where you want it. 

From there, we work with you to create customer artwork for your video based on your style preferences and create what we call “Style Frames.” These are a handful of frames that’ll be used in your actual video that will give you an idea of what your artwork will look like. And once you’ve approved that, we’ll storyboard your entire video. Of course, just like the script, we can make any adjustments you want until you’re happy with it.  But with the storyboard approved, you’ll have a great vision of how your video is going to look before we even start animating.

Even after the video is animated, you’ll have a certain amount of revision time built into the overall cost. But the goal is, because we’ve been so meticulous at every step of the way, revisions will probably be minimal. So why are explainer videos so expensive? Well, you’re paying for quality and highly detailed artists.

Who’s Involved in Creating a Video?

The short answer? A lot of people. Creating a quality explainer video is no small feat. Which is why we’ve hired some of the best and more talented artists to create your video. When going on the journey of making your explainer video, you’ll have a dedicated project manager who will help guide your video through the creative process and be your main point of contact. They’ll have eyes on every step of your video and make sure it aligns with the client’s vision and needs.

So on the creative brief we mentioned earlier you’ll have a writer on the call. They’ll write the draft of your script. You’ll have an illustrator working on your style frames and story board. Then we’ll have an animator bring it to life. And through every step, the project manager reviews the materials. Because all of our videos are made in-house, we even do internal meetings where the artists can present their work and get feedback from their coworkers. So you’re getting a lot of talented eyes on your video to make sure it’s the best it can be. Plus, Michael Cardwell, the owner of Digital Brew, keeps involved in all projects to ensure it lives up to our high standards and your expectations.

So why are explainer videos so expensive? Because you’re getting some incredibly talented people working on your video.

We Never Make the Same Video Twice

Something we pride ourselves on at Digital Brew is that we never make the same video twice. Each video is custom tailored for each client. The script, the artwork, the VO, the way a logo animates, the characters, all of it. It’s all built custom for the client and to match their brand guidelines. And as we mentioned in early, we can make as many adjustments as you need until it’s perfect. Even when working with companies in similar industries, we’ll go out of our way to try something different to keep each video fresh and exciting.

Bad Videos Actually End Up Costing More

Did you ever buy a pair of headphones for cheap because you feel like you don’t really need anything fancy? But then they break in a month and you go back and still buy another cheap pair of headphones because you don’t want to spend the month on expensive ones? Then six months have passed and you’ve bought so many replacements that you should have just bought the quality ones that were more expensive. A bad video is sort of like that.

You could spend $500 on a slapped together video. But remember, the goal of your video is to convert. And this video could be your first impression with a potential customer. First impressions are everything so if a cheaper video gives a bad first impression, you could actually be costing yourself business. Now you either need to buy another video, or just miss out on conversions that a good video could be doing for you.

Good Explainers are Worth the Price

So, why are explainer videos so expensive? Because when you work with a company like Digital Brew, you’re paying for attention to detail and high quality. And most importantly, you’re paying for a video that will convert. We love making videos here. But we’re a marketing agency first and the goal of each video is to make sure it makes you money. And 86.7% of our clients said that video provided them with a good ROI. So hopefully this blog gave you a little more insight into where your money’s going for an explainer video. If you want to take the leap or just learn more about our process, you can always reach out to us here.

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