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4 Harsh Truths Explainer Video Companies Need You To Know

September 28, 2017

4 Harsh Truths Explainer Video Companies Need You To Know
Explainer video companies are an interesting breed. Stuck between the creative and professional worlds, we’re often surprised at how little clients know about what goes on behind the scenes. After an interesting discussion in our Slack channel, we decided to put together the 4 BIGGEST truths we think all explainer video companies would want you, the client, to know. If you’re reading this and you think we missed anything, be sure to tweet us and let us know!

1. Everything Isn’t The Most Important Thing

Contrary to what Lauryn Hill may tell you, everything isn’t everything — at least, not when it comes to explainer videos. “We need to simplify the message into what’s most important and talk about those things,” says Digital Brew’s founder, Michael Cardwell. “You can put everything else on your site — also, that’s why you have a sales team.” Explainer video companies aren’t in the business of replacing the conversation, we’re here to spark it. Instead of thinking of an animated video as a stand-in for a sales call, consider it the catalyst. With an explainer video on your landing page, you can increase conversions by 30 percent (or more). That’s a huge margin of opportunity to get more warm leads for your sales team…so it’s in your best interest to make sure they’re prepared.

2. There Are Colors Other Than Blue

We know, we know: you’re a web company, and web companies are blue. Back in the late 2000’s, some smart marketer decided that people on the Internet just trust the color blue, and since then nearly every major network or site has adopted it into their branding. Maybe blue isn’t even your color. For finance companies, there’s always green. Oh, and don’t even get us started on millennial pink. We’re not trying to be snarky here, we just really want you to know that there are a TON of other options that will expand your creative vision immensely. In fact, there’s a great deal more connection to be made if you’re willing to let our team of creative designers craft up something entirely new for you. Branching away from the cookie-cutter industry standard just means you’re going to stand out, and with an oversaturation in nearly every digital market…why wouldn’t you want that?

3. We’d Love To Collaborate More

Creative types avoid business calls like the plague. As former freelancers (most professional artists are) they tend to remind us of revisions, late checks and endless guidelines for our work. When it comes explainer video clients, though, we’ll take all the input we can get. Seriously. The more you communicate with us, the better video we make. There’s nothing better than sitting on a call with a client and feeling the “Aha!” moment. All it takes is hearing what makes you passionate to spark that kind of inspiration. With explainer video companies in particular, we’re often bogged down by industry standards. If our clients see us as a creative partner and trust our vision, we’re able to spread our wings and make much more impactful work.

4. You Really Do Get What You Pay For

Listen, we get it. Explainer videos are an investment. When you’re searching through Google ads for explainer video companies, you probably get stuck thinking one thing: “Why are these videos so damn expensive?” The answer is simple: much like a tattoo, when it comes to explainer videos, you get what you pay for. You’d never walk into a tattoo shop and ask for a sleeve for the shop minimum, just like you shouldn’t expect a quality animated video to be cheap. Here at Digital Brew, we’ve spent nearly a decade putting together a team of the best illustrators, animators, cinematographers and motion designers the industry has to offer. The trade-off with working with the best is, yes, you have to make an investment. The secret all explainer video companies know, however, is that it’s worth it.