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How to Get Your Boss to Approve an Explainer Video

October 16, 2023

How to Get Your Boss to Approve an Explainer Video

So you’re exploring new avenues for your marketing plan and you’ve never invested in explainer videos before. You think, “Maybe it’s time we look into an explainer video?” Great! That’s where a company like us, Digital Brew, can help. So you do some research on companies and pick one you’d like to work with (we sure hope it’s us). But now you’ve got one big hurdle: Getting your boss to approve an explainer video. This can sometimes feel like an uphill battle, but maybe with the help of this blog (and some stats we’ll give you) we can help get your boss to approve an explainer video for your marketing efforts.

Return on Investment

Look, explainer videos can be expensive. We know this. Heck, we even talked about it last week. That’s why the numbers are so important. Because obviously when you’re running a business, big efforts are always met with two major questions: “How much is this going to cost?” and “How much money is this going to make/save us?” So before you even go to your boss, you’ll want to get all the facts and figures ready. Otherwise, you may not get your boss to approve an explainer video.

The Statistics

Thankfully, there’s plenty of statistics available about how great an explainer video can be for your ROI. Some of these come from bigger marketing surveys and others come for our follow-ups with our own clients.

87% of marketers have said video marketing helped them drive more sales.

92% of marketers told Hubspot that they get a good ROI on video content

– 83% of our clients said video marketing helped increase traffic to their website

– 93% of our clients said video marketing helped their customers better understand their products or services

93% of businesses have successfully gained new customers through the utilization of social media video.

– Marketers that use video experience revenue growth 49% faster!

Those of just a few of the strong statistics you can find one how powerful video marketing can be for your business. Hopefully, those can help you get your boss to approve an explainer video.

So Many Styles (Or How You Learned to Help Your Boss Stop Worrying and Love Explainer Videos)

Just like all the words that were in the titles of this section, there are so many different styles of video that could be utilized for an explainer video. Which means when you come to your boss to pitch getting an “animated explained video,” a very specific type of one pops into their head. So it’s important to make sure everyone is on the same page about what type of video they want. You’ll need to have the conversation and bring them examples of videos that are in the style you want. Lucky, we can do any kind of video you could need! Live action? Got it! 3D? Got it! 2D? Got it! 2D with characters? Got it! A mix of styles? Well we can do that too!

The point is, we often get the comment “I don’t want something too cartoony.” Which we totally understand. That’s even a topic we’re going to cover in a future blog. And if you aren’t totally sure the style you want for your explainer video? That’s okay too. We’ll be happy to help guide you through that and find the animation style that’s right for you and your company. The process of getting an explainer video can seem a little overwhelming, especially in the beginning when you could go in a million different directions. But that’s another reason that could help get your boss to approve an explainer video for your marketing efforts: having an experienced studio to guide you through the process.

We’ve Got Your Back, Jack

Something to keep in mind, and help put your boss’ mind at ease, is that we’re the video marketing experts. That’s not trying to be cocky. That just means that our job is to make you money. And if we weren’t making videos that helped make you money, we’d be pretty bad at our jobs. So we’d like to think that the quality of our videos and our reviews speak for themselves. 

Something we pride ourselves on at Digital Brew is how much we keep you involved with every step of the process (maybe a good idea for a future blog). But even just at the writing stage, we go deep into your company and try to pinpoint exactly what you want out of your new video and the best way to achieve those results. We’re not a video factory. We strive to make every video our best video. And the better the video, the better it will work for you. Because again, our whole goal is to make you money. And making money is probably the most important way to get your boss to approve an explainer video. So whenever you’re ready to make the leap or just want to learn more about our process, we’d love to hear from you. You can always reach out to us here.

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