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How We Make Explainer Videos Effective

December 19, 2023

How We Make Explainer Videos Effective

Making explainer videos is hard. There’s a lot that goes into making a good one. Is all the effort with it? Are all the expenses worth it? With everything that goes into making one, you’re probably asking yourself, “are explainer videos effective?” The short answer is “Yes.” But the slightly longer answer is, “As long as you’re using it right.” Because even if you have the most explainer video in the world, it doesn’t do any good if people don’t see it. Tucking it away in a dark corner of your website isn’t going to get you views or even conversions. So there’s a lot of extra things we offer at Digital Brew to help you start off on the right foot.

The Numbers

When asking “are explainer videos effective,” a quick glance at the numbers will tell you, “Of course!” But, like we said, that’s only if you’re using it right. So let’s look at some of the feedback we’ve gotten from our clients on how our explainer videos helped them:

  • 93% said video marketing helped their customers better understand their products or services
  • 83% said video marketing helped increase traffic to their website
  • 75% said video marketing helped increase their sales
  • 86.7% said video marketing provided them with a good return on their investment

Making a Video That Connects

So you’ve seen the numbers. They all look good, right? Now you’re probably wondering how to get to that point. What are we doing to make sure we can say yes to “Are explainer videos effective?” Well it all comes down to making videos that connect with your audience. That’s because companies that prioritize connection grow 5x more than companies who don’t. 

We know we’re not necessarily the experts in your industry, but we are the video marketing experts. So we’ll always find a way to take what your company does and turn it into a compelling video that speaks to your audience. In fact, that’s one of the things we’ll cover in our creative brief. Who your target audience is. But focusing on that, we’re able to shape the story of your video. We know your company may do a lot of amazing things or have some really cool technology that makes those things happen. But not everything is relevant to your target. Sometimes, customers just want to know you have the sausage, but don’t need to know how it’s made.

After the Video

So you’ve seen that statistics and seen how we’ll shape your video. But have we really answered your question of, “Are explainer videos effective?” Here’s the best part and how we’ll help make sure your video really helps your marketing thrive. We don’t just spend all this time working with you, only to kick you to the curb with your brand new video and say, “Goodbye and good luck.” No, our job here is to make videos that convert. So we want to make sure you’re completely set up for success with your video. That’s why we provide a slew of additional content to help your video do the best it can.

So, in addition to your video, you’ll also get:

  • Access to our educational video series where we break down best marketing practices around topics like landing page optimization, email sequencing, and scheduling software
  • A social media accelerator kit that includes a cutdown of your video and static social media to kickstart your new social media campaign
  • Two 1-hour strategy sessions where you’ll get to work one-on-one with our marketing team to help shape your campaign around your new video
  • Full access to all your custom vector artwork so you can match your upcoming marketing campaigns to your new video.
  • An SRT file for accessibility so you can add subtitles to your video

Of course, all of that comes included in the cost of your video. We want to make sure you’re set up for success on the rest of your marketing journey. We even created a free vlog series called The Drip. This is where we explore the tricky intersection of marketing and video, and how to be good at both. 

Brewing Effective Videos

So are explainer videos effective? Absolutely. But it’s all about how you use them. While we love getting to make amazing explainer videos, at the end of the day, our goal is to help you make money. Which is why Digital Brew has a dedicated collection of services all about ways to best deploy your video. So if you’re looking for a kick-ass video that gets conversions, or even want to find ways to get more out of the videos you’re currently using, you can always reach out to us here.

Let’s Brew This!